The most popular Xiaomi smartphone in the world is a real surprise

The most popular Xiaomi smartphone in the world is a real surprise

Xiaomi offers countless Android smartphones. Not only under their own name, but also as Redmi or Poco phones. But which model actually sold best in 2021? The model will really surprise you.

Xiaomi Redmi 9A is the Chinese manufacturer's most popular phone

Xiaomi is now also known and extremely popular in Germany. The Chinese company took advantage of Huawei's crash and massively increased its level of awareness worldwide. The price-performance hits in particular are well known, but Xiaomi has also made a name for itself with high-end models and experimental smartphones. It has now been announced that the Xiaomi Redmi 9A was the best-selling product in 2021 (source: Counterpoint).

1.9 percent of all smartphones sold worldwide in 2021 were a Xiaomi Redmi 9A. The most popular smartphone in the world was the iPhone 12 with 2.9 percent. While the iPhone 12 is a high-end smartphone with a correspondingly high price, the Redmi 9A costs a mere 100 euros (check out MediaMarkt). With the Redmi 9, another Xiaomi cell phone comes in 10th place. It is also an affordable entry-level smartphone. Other models do not appear and should therefore not be as popular. Samsung is only represented with the Galaxy A12, which is also an entry-level smartphone.

Soon the Xiaomi 12 is coming to us. It looks like this:

No top smartphone from Xiaomi in the top 10

Although Xiaomi attaches great importance to the marketing of its high-end smartphones such as the Xiaomi Mi 11, as with Samsung, it is the inexpensive smartphones that sell extremely well worldwide. At Apple, it's the exact opposite. Basically, the company does not offer cheap smartphones, only models for several hundred euros. They still dominate the market . Seven iPhones alone are in the top 10. It will be exciting to see how 2022 develops.


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