Telegram is getting new features that WhatsApp will never support

Telegram is getting new features that WhatsApp will never support

Telegram is more than just a messenger. This has been indicated by the many new functions for a long time and is now being taken to the extreme. Telegram is getting new features that WhatsApp will never master - but it doesn't have to be either. Telegram is conquering completely new areas. Now even Twitch needs to wrap up warm — seriously.

Telegram is getting a lot of new features

Let's start right away with the Twitch function. In fact, you can now stream professionally via Telegram (source: Telegram). Live streaming was previously possible via groups and channels with unlimited viewers, but now you can connect OBS Studio or XSplit to it and start a stream via Telegram, which can of course also be decorated with layouts. WhatsApp should never support this feature. The video demonstrates the procedure:

Viewers only need to have the latest version of Telegram installed. Nothing more is needed to be able to watch you. The company primarily wants to appeal to professional bloggers and journalists. But there are enough hobby streamers who might reach even more viewers this way.

But there is more from Telegram:

Download manager: With Telegram you get unlimited storage space and can send files with up to 2 GB. A download manager ensures order. Paper clip menu: You can now use the paper clip menu to select photos even better and rearrange them before sending them so that the photos reach your contacts the way you want them to look. Semi-transparent surface: On Android, a semi-transparent surface is created when night mode is activated. This primarily improves the optics somewhat. Links with phone numbers: You can now create a link with your phone number. If you send this link, a conversation can be started directly. New pages: You can now create pages that show everyone a preview of your profile on Telegram, even if the person isn't logged in there.

All new functions are available for Android and iOS as well as PCs and Macs. You just have to make sure you have the latest versions installed.


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