Tariff hits in the Telekom network: 25 GB for only 15 euros per month

Tariff hits in the Telekom network: 25 GB for only 15 euros per month

With Logitel you get 25 GB LTE data volume with up to 300 MBit/s in the Telekom network for only 14.99 euros per month. If you are looking for a good data flat rate or second SIM, you cannot go wrong with the offer. We clarify for whom the tariff bargain is worthwhile.

Data tariff in the Telekom network at a competitive price

Low tariffs in the Telekom network are rare, but you can pick up a really good bargain at the mobile phone dealer Logitel: The offer includes the data flat rate "green Data XL" from Mobilcom-Debitel with a full 25 GB LTE data volume (max. 300 MBit/s ) for 14.99 euros per month – but only until March 31, 2022 . The one-time connection price of 39.99 will be credited back to you as soon as you send an SMS with the text "AP free" to 8362 within 14 days of activating the new SIM card.

The details of the tariff at a glance:

Provider: Logitel / Mobilcom-Debitel Tariff: Green Data XL Network: Telekom 25 GB LTE data volume (up to 300 MBit/s) Telephoning not possible, SMS: 0.19 euros EU roaming including 24 months minimum contract period, 1 month notice period

Data tariff in the Telekom network: You should pay attention to that

You surf the Telekom network at a speed of up to 300 MBit/s and you have a maximum upload speed of 50 MBit/s at your disposal. However, we recommend terminating the contract in good time , since the basic fee increases to EUR 29.99 from the 25th month. You can cancel monthly after the minimum contract period of 24 months has expired, but you should still avoid this cost trap if possible.

What you should generally pay attention to before concluding a mobile phone contract, Frank explains to you here in the video:

What do I need a data plan for?

A data-only plan is perfect for a tablet, laptop, or as a second card in a dual-SIM smartphone. So you can talk about another card, but use the Telekom network for mobile surfing. The dual SIM function can now be found in many smartphones. There are also some tablets with LTE, these are the current recommendations from Stiftung Warentest:


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