Stolen iPhones: Apple makes life difficult for thieves

Stolen iPhones: Apple makes life difficult for thieves

A stolen iPhone is annoying. Perhaps even more annoying is the thought that the thief will continue to happily use the expensive smartphone. In the future, however, repairs will no longer be so easy. Apple is now changing the rules for this.

Thieves are rational beings. Objects that are easy to steal but still have a high resale value are therefore of particular interest to thieves: jewelry, for example, clothes and cosmetics – and of course smartphones. Apple also knows this, which is why the US company wants to put a stop to the thieves with a rule change.

Apple will no longer repair stolen iPhones

In the future, Apple stores and authorized repair shops will refuse to repair stolen iPhones (source: MacRumors). Apple announced the rule change in an internal memo obtained by MacRumors on Monday.

In future, every iPhone submitted for repair will be checked against the GSMA Device Registry . Victims can register their stolen iPhones in this database. If a stolen iPhone is then brought to Apple or a contractor whose IMEI number is stored in the GSMA Device Registry for repair, the technicians must refuse the repair.

This will make it even more difficult for Apple thieves to use or sell stolen iPhones themselves. Because even the ignorant buyer of a stolen iPhone should usually ask for the ID number and contact details of the seller - and then get back to him if the repair is rejected.

How to properly set up a new iPhone:

iPhone stolen? You should do that

Important to know: The IMEI query during a repair is independent of Apple's well-known protective measures such as the "Where is?" function . This allows iPhones linked to the Apple ID to be locked and erased remotely. What else you should do with a stolen iPhone, you can read here: iPhone stolen: what now? Locate, lock & backup data.


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