Saturn: Crazy Samsung sale with smartphones, smartwatches & buds - only a few hours left

Saturn: Crazy Samsung sale with smartphones, smartwatches & buds - only a few hours left

The current Saturn brochure advertises many discounts on technology bundles. Samsung devices in particular are being traded cheaply and are sometimes being offered at historic best prices – but only until tomorrow. We've compared prices and only list the hottest deals.

The best Samsung deal at Saturn: Galaxy Buds 2 cheaper than ever

In the current Saturn flyer , there are not only bundle offers such as smartwatches plus headphones and DualSense controllers plus games for the PlayStation 5, but also pretty good Samsung deals . However, there is a catch, because the promotion is limited in time and only available until tomorrow, March 29th . Particularly popular products can also be sold out in advance - so if you want to grab them, you shouldn't hesitate too long.

Please note that the final prices are only visible in the shopping cart due to direct deductions of up to 100 euros. By the way: When you buy a Samsung Galaxy Flip or Fold device, you can currently secure cashback of up to 720 euros if you trade in your old device.

If you are interested in the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with a contract , it is also worth taking a look at the Saturn and MediaMarkt tariff worlds. There, both the 5G and the 4G version are currently being sold at extremely reduced prices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic + Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for 255 euros : Anyone who can use both gadgets currently saves around 50 euros compared to buying them individually.

Saturn has also significantly reduced the new Galaxy Tab A8 from 229 euros RRP to just 185 euros. Amazon goes along and undercuts the Saturn offer by almost 50 cents. No matter which retailer you buy, you will get a Samsung tablet with a very good price-performance ratio.

Combine smart at Saturn: Smartwatches, DualSense controllers & e-scooters

This week's Saturn brochure is all about "smart combined offers". For example, you get the right smart body scale or Galaxy Buds as an addition to a smartwatch or a helmet for the e-scooter and can save a lot of money. We have selected the best combination offers for you.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active + Xiaomi Mi Scale 2 bathroom scales for 169 euros : Sony DualSense Controller + Gran Turismo 7 for 124.99 euros . In order to be able to put the offer in the shopping cart, you have to scroll down to the "Recommended combinations" on the product page: Ninebot Kickscooter + Ninebot Helmet in black for 488 euros:

Tablets, notebooks, smartphones & Co. at bargain prices at Saturn

Not only the combination campaign is impressive. Saturn also has many other multimedia offerings in store.

Tip: The first time you register for the MediaMarkt or Saturn newsletter, you will receive a voucher worth 10 euros , which can be redeemed for a minimum order value of 100 euros.


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