Samsung: The world s most popular Android cell phone receives a new software update

Samsung: The world s most popular Android cell phone receives a new software update

Samsung sells many Android smartphones and always keeps the models up to date. But there is only one real bestseller, which has been the most sold worldwide. It's the most popular Android phone - and it's getting a software update right now.

Samsung Galaxy A12 gets March update

The Samsung Galaxy A12 was the top seller worldwide in 2021 when looking at Android smartphones. Only the iPhone 12 was more popular internationally in terms of all smartphones. For Samsung, of course, this is a great achievement, but at the same time it is also an important commitment to keep this smartphone up to date . That's why the March update will be distributed with immediate effect. Just at the end of the month. According to SamMobile, the rollout will initially start in Hong Kong, but will quickly be expanded to other countries, including Germany.

The March update closes many security gaps and brings the Samsung Galaxy A12 up to date, which the Galaxy S22 also offers, for example. Fixed over 50 vulnerabilities that have surfaced recently. It is therefore important that you install the update when it is offered to you. Problems with the new software have not yet surfaced. Samsung always tests new updates in one country first and gradually expands the rollout. An update to Android 12 with One UI 4.1 is expected in the coming months.

What the Samsung Galaxy A12 offers:

Why is the Samsung Galaxy A12 so important?

For many people, the Samsung Galaxy A12 is their first contact with a smartphone . So it is important that this phone makes a good impression and is kept up to date. Most Samsung buyers remain loyal to the brand and may switch to an A or S class model, which then offer slightly better hardware. If you are interested in the smartphone, you should rather reach for the successor. This will soon be available at Aldi at a bargain price.


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