Samsung pulls out the red pencil: more and more smartphone buyers are being hit by austerity measures

Samsung pulls out the red pencil: more and more smartphone buyers are being hit by austerity measures

Samsung will soon be introducing many new mid-range smartphones that are among the absolute bestsellers. Now, however, information has leaked out that potential buyers should not like at all. It's about the scope of delivery, which was already limited in the more expensive Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung: mid-range cell phones without a power supply

All high-end smartphones from Samsung are now delivered with almost no accessories. There is no longer a power supply unit, no headphones and even the practical protective film on the display is missing. Nevertheless, you have to pay extremely high prices. So far, this has not been the case in the middle class. But that will change with the new generation. Accordingly, the new A and M class smartphones will be delivered without a power supply :

If you're waiting for the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, you won't find a power adapter in the scope of delivery like the predecessor. You will just get the smartphone and a cable. If you want to charge the mid-range smartphone, you have to spend more money. The source goes even further. Even entry-level smartphones like the F series should come without a power supply .

This will be a change for many buyers of Samsung smartphones. After unpacking, you will surely look surprised if the smartphone does not come with a power adapter that can be used to charge the device. In the worst case, they then have to wait a few more days to be able to put the new mobile phone into operation.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G also comes with a power adapter:

Samsung: Everyone has an old power supply

Samsung wants to protect the environment by omitting the power supply, since the chargers of new smartphones are usually not used anyway. In addition, the packaging is smaller and you can transport more smartphones at the same time. Especially in the entry-level and middle class, hardly anyone should simply have such a power supply left over. So you will have to spend money and put additional strain on the environment.


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