Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Galaxy Z Fold 4: The design should not change

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Render William Faix

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Galaxy Z Fold 4 will probably not have any major optical innovations. We can probably expect the same design as the current models for the next two foldables.

As you can now read, Samsung's upcoming foldables Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 will not see any major changes in terms of appearance or hardware. Samsung relies on the proven appearance and technology of the current models.

And so Ice Universe is more worried about the Fold 4, which - in true Samsung fashion - won't change the design to keep costs down. Samsung could only consider a design change in the event of a possible loss of market share. But that is not to be expected, because Samsung dominates the market for foldable smartphones by a large margin.

Only the S Pen still has question marks. Maybe Samsung will build its own slot for the stylus in the Galaxy Z Fold 4? In the current model, the stylus is still an optional accessory.


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