Samsung Galaxy S23: Codename is "Project Diamond"

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Phantom Black

Samsung has started developing its top model for next year, the Galaxy S23. the code name is Project Diamond, as it turns out. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has hardly arrived when the first information about the successor is already available. That's not surprising, it's just the way things go.

Earlier this week it was announced that Samsung is also working on a third foldable alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4. Although details are scarce, it has been revealed that this device carries the internal coding N4 - the B4 is the upcoming Flip 4 and the Q4 is the upcoming Fold 4.

It was suggested that the N4 would be the same device as Samsung's - also unknown - Project Diamond. But it certainly isn't. But it is now clear that Project Diamond exists. Samsung is developing the Galaxy S23 series under this name.

It will be some time before more detailed information is available - for example on the various Project Diamond models. Each device will then get its own code name again. However, it will be several months before the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is released.


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