Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: The lock screen keeps freezing for users

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Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra seem to be struggling with a new problem. Accordingly, some of them freeze the lock screen constantly. And not only there, this phenomenon should also be observed in some apps.

A user also uploaded the corresponding video in which you can see the problem. Of course, that's really annoying, especially when you're holding a phone for more than 1,000 euros in your hands. Of course there shouldn't be any problems like that.

Although the problems are discussed in the Samsung Community, Samsung itself has not yet officially commented on the new problems. It is not yet known how big the problem is and whether many users are affected.

However, affected users can only get the device running again by restarting it. However, the actual problem does not seem to be solved, because the devices can freeze again afterwards. Let's see when Samsung will bring a patch for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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