Realme 9: First smartphone announced with the Samsung HM6 image sensor

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Realme today officially announced the first 108MP ProLight camera in the Realme 9 series, equipped with the Samsung ISOCELL HM6 in the world. The Realme 9 4G is reportedly set to launch in April this year.

Highlights of the Samsung ISOCELL HM6 image sensor

NonaPixel Plus technology with 9-in-1 pixel binning

The latest NonaPixel Plus technology, going from the traditional 3-in-3 solution to a
upgraded to an unprecedented 9-in-1 solution, brings realme 9's photos to a
outstanding brightness. In practice, the 9-in-1 pixel binning of NonaPixel Plus technology improves light sensitivity by 123 percent compared to the Samsung ISOCELL HM2
Image sensor in use without pixel binning. In addition, those with the realme 9
captured low-light photos are significantly brighter and have better color reproduction than
comparison photos without 9-in-1 pixel binning.

Sensor-internal ultra-zoom technology

To offer its users a high-quality photo experience, the realme 9 uses the
In-sensor ultra-zoom technology of the HM6 sensor. This created with the help of a
Algorithm that merges the pixels, a beautiful zoomed image. So come
With the realme 9, users can get even closer to the details and can take their photos
compose as you wish.

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