Realme 8 is now getting Android 12

Realme 8 Android 12

The Realme 8 is now getting the update to Android 12. The wait is over! The Realme 8 now gets the Realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12, the official roll-out has started. The roll-out will be released in waves. To get this update, you should have the required version RMX3085_11.A.24 / RMX3085_11.A.26 installed on your phone.

  1. About the roll out:
    To ensure the stability of this update, we will roll it out gradually. The update will be randomly distributed today to a limited number of users and will be rolled out more widely in a few days after ensuring there are no critical bugs. If no critical bugs are found, the full rollout will be completed in the coming days.
  2. General problems
    a. After the upgrade, it may take longer time for the phone to boot up for the first time, especially when there are many third-party applications installed on the phone.
    b. After the upgrade, the system performs a series of actions to improve the efficiency of system operation and eliminate potential security risks, such as: Such as application customization, background optimization, and security verification, so that the system consumes more CPU, memory, and other resources, which can lead to easy hangs and faster power consumption.

UI Version: RMX3085_11.C.06 Changelog

New design

  • The all-new design, emphasizing a sense of space, offers a simple, clean and comfortable visual and interactive experience.
  • Redesigned icons with new materials that give the icons more depth and a greater sense of space and texture.
  • Optimizes the Quantum Animation Engine: Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 implements the concept of mass to make animations more lifelike and optimizes more than 300 animations to create a more natural user experience.

convenience and efficiency

  • Adding "Background Stream": Apps in Background Stream mode continue to play the audio of a video when you leave them or lock your phone.
  • Flex Drop is renamed to Flexible Windows and tweaked:
  • Optimizes the method of switching flexible windows between different sizes.
  • You can now drag a file from My Files or a photo from the Photos app into a floating window.


  • Adds Quick Launch, a feature that recognizes the applications you use most often and preloads them for you to open quickly.
  • Adds a graph to show battery usage.
  • Improves response time when turning Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode on and off.


  • In team fight scenes, the games run smoother and with a stable frame rate.
  • Decreases average CPU load and lowers battery consumption.


  • You can now decide which camera modes are shown in the menu bar and in what order they are shown.
  • You can now drag the zoom slider to smoothly zoom in or out when recording a video with the rear camera.


  • The auto-brightness algorithm has been optimized to adjust the brightness of the screen to fit more scenes, making the screen reading comfortable.


  • Optimizes accessibility:
  • Supplements text instructions with visual representations to provide an intuitive understanding of accessibility features.
  • Streamlines the categorization of features by grouping them into Vision, Hearing, Interactive Actions, and General.
  • TalkBack supports more system applications like Photos and Calendar.


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