Penny gets something out: There s an extra for Apple customers

Penny gets something out: There s an extra for Apple customers

Penny is coming out with something this week, because the supermarket is giving gifts to Apple customers for the time being. There is a nice extra credit of 10 percent when you buy the corresponding cards for the Apple App Store, Apple Music and Co.

Update from March 28th, 2022: Last week, Aldi gave its customers a bonus when they bought Apple prepaid cards. Now there is also the same amount of extra credit at the discounter Penny – as is currently the case, 10 percent. Unfortunately, the days of 15 percent or more are over.

The promotion is valid when purchasing a card worth 25, 50 or 50 euros and only until 04/02/2022 in shops or until 04/03/2022 online in the Penny Kartenwelt (see Penny). In order to receive the bonus credit, the tickets must be redeemed by April 17, 2022. But you can be patient with the purchase of apps and co. It's all about having the credit on your own account.

Original item:

Most recently, Aldi was so generous and gifted buyers of the well-known gift cards for Apple's App Store and iTunes with bonus credit amounting to 15 percent of the card value. But the campaign expires and then what? Then it's worth going to Penny, the discounter takes over the baton and this week from October 26th to November 1st also gives bonus credit of 15 percent when buying an Apple card worth 25, 50 and 100 euros - applies in store and also online.

Penny is giving away extra credit on Apple cards: you can dust off that much

xiaomist did the math, at 15 percent there are the following bonus values. First of all: Mathematically, this corresponds to a discount of around 13 percent, but now to the "gifts":

Pay 25 euros, get a bonus of 3.75 euros Pay 50 euros, get a bonus of 7.50 euros Pay 100 euros, get a bonus of 15 euros

Please note: The bonus credit is credited to the associated Apple ID directly when the credit card is redeemed. This must be done by November 15th or it will expire. Ergo: Redeem the credit as quickly as possible, but from then on you have time. Because of course the values ​​remain linked to the Apple ID and can still be output at a later point in time.

If you then want to buy apps, you can save. Which apps do you actually need? We'll tell you:

what to do with it

The user is free to use the credit on the card, so the amounts can be used when buying music, films and of course also for apps (iPhone, iPad, Mac and Co.). Apple's iTunes Store, App Store or Mac App Store are just waiting.

What is also possible: Reduce subscription costs for the services booked through Apple. For example, the customer can purchase iCloud storage space or the Apple Music streaming service more cheaply. But be careful: Such credit from cards cannot be used for e-books, as the German book price fixing makes this impossible. The cards are also not suitable for purchasing hardware products in the Apple Store.


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