Oppo Find X5 series: pre-orders started with bundle action

Oppo Find X5 Series

The flagships of the Oppo Find X5 series can now be ordered and the manufacturer also has a corresponding bundle package for pre-orders. This time, the bundle offers are linked to the corresponding device.

Buyers who pre-order a model of the new Oppo Find X5 series in March and April will then receive either headphones, an Oppo watch or an Oppo band, the AIRVOOC 50W wireless charger and an original protective case from Oppo to match the respective device.

Participating retailers are Vodafone GmbH, Otelo, Telekom, Congstar, Telefonica/O2, Blau, 1&1, Drillisch, winSIM, maXXim, yourfone, smartmobil, sim.de, premiumSIM, simplytel, eteleon, cell phone contract, DeutschlandSIM, SimDiscount, Mobilcom Debitel, powwow , sparhandy.de, deinhandy.de, handystar.de, MediaMarkt, Saturn, Expert, Euronics, Amazon, OTTO, Cyberport & DasHandy.

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