New at number 1 in the App Store: iPhone users can t get enough of this app

New at number 1 in the App Store: iPhone users can t get enough of this app

More popular than WhatsApp, Instagram or the Corona warning app? An app is currently storming the charts in Apple's App Store and is already number 1. iPhone users can't get enough of "TravelBoast" at the moment. But what can the app actually do, what is it good for?

The heavyweights of the app landscape - WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Maps, YouTube ... and since the pandemic, of course, the Corona-Warn-App - are usually found at the top of Apple's App Store for the iPhone. But none of the long-established residents is currently in first place. Instead, "TravelBoast: My Routes 3D" triumphs and secures the top position - both in Germany and in the USA. But what do you actually do with it?

Animated travel routes for the iPhone: TravelBoast is the new number 1 in the App Store

With "TravelBoast" we create travel routes that are displayed on animated maps. They can be shared as short videos on social networks such as TikTok, Instagram and Co. or used in your own video projects. There are different maps and means of transport to choose from - currently you can choose between 80 different companions. The best way to understand the concept behind it is to watch a video:

Important to know: Only certain means of transport are available in the free version. If you want more, you have to pay via in-app purchases. Either individually per item or you subscribe to the entire package - monthly or annually. Cost 4.99 euros (month) or 17.99 euros (year). If you only want to get rid of advertising and watermarks, you only need to buy any model, for example a specific airplane or a rowing boat for a one-off fee of 1.99 euros. Of course, other means of transport cost extra. The business concept should then be explained quickly. As you can see from the current success, it goes down well and doesn't keep users from using the app.

What is the app good for, what do previous users say?

Speaking of which, they are currently giving the app 4.0 out of 5 possible stars for 54 ratings in the App Store and are mostly satisfied. Let's take a closer look at an example of an evaluation:

Perfect app for travel routes
Easy to use, very nice animation. Would be even more perfect if there was a cruising catamaran. I would be happy to provide some photos.

The app works on both iPhone and iPad (from iOS 12) and on M1 Macs and occupies just over 170 MB of storage space. You can definitely try it out - now that spring is coming and the desire to travel is increasing again.


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