Mobilcom-Debitel: The end is getting closer - customers need to know that now

Mobilcom-Debitel: The end is getting closer - customers need to know that now

The popular mobile phone brand Mobilcom-Debitel is counted. The freenet group, which is behind Mobilcom-Debitel, will stamp out the brand image and instead rely on freenet as its own brand. Mobilcom-Debitel customers are therefore faced with changes.

Mobilcom-Debitel is over: freenet becomes the sole figurehead

A small bang, but it makes the German mobile phone market sit up and take notice: freenet is going through with its plans to consolidate its own brands, the first "victim" of this development is Mobilcom-Debitel. The popular brand for mobile phone tariffs will be integrated into the freenet range over the coming weeks and months.

One of the first steps will be the "adaptation of customer communication" (source: Horizon). That means: Customers are informed about the integration by their provider, customer letters such as invoices are adjusted.

The changes for Mobilcom-Debitel customers are therefore more of a cosmetic nature. Among other things, freenet wants to revise its public branding. This means that the more than 500 shops throughout Germany that are operated under the Mobilcom-Debitel brand will be redesigned. From July 1, only freenet should be publicly visible.

Since Mobilcom-Debitel previously belonged to freenet AG, the end of the brand should otherwise be easy for customers. Invoices continue to come, and contracts and conditions should not change significantly. The integration under a new name should also not be sufficient as a reason for a special right of termination.

End of Mobilcom-Debitel is no cause for concern for customers

Anyone who has been satisfied so far will have no immediate reason for it. freenet-AG is the largest mobile communications provider in Germany without its own network. Concerns that quality or coverage will change as a result are therefore unfounded - these parameters were never under the control of freenet or Mobilcom-Debitel anyway.

Not mandatory, but canceling your mobile phone contract every now and then pays off:

From the company's point of view, it is hoped that the preferred brand freenet will be better perceived. At least since Dieter Bohlen was won as the face of the brand after his DSDS-Aus, it is clear that the focus is on freenet. In addition, you want to standardize the offer and make it clearer. The Klarmobil brand, which also belongs to freenet, is not affected by the changes and should be retained.


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