Mijia Inkjet All In One, the Xiaomi multifunction printer

A compact printer with a variety of functions that will greatly simplify your life, this is the Xiaomi Mijia Inkjet All-In-One Printer and in this article we will describe all the details about it.

How is the Xiaomi printer? Mijia Inkjet All-In-One Printer

Impresora multifunción de inyección de tinta xiaomi mijia, precio de impresora multifunción

The new Xiaomi printer is impressive, its compact size will allow it to become your best ally, since you can take it wherever you go (although it is not portable).

  • With the new Xiaomi printer you can make conventional prints, but it also allows you to scan and photocopy all kinds of documents.
  • You can make prints from WeChat , from the connection via a USB cable or if you wish you can also print from the Xiaomi Carefree Connect function.
  • It has the multiple connection function, what does this mean? That all the members of the family will be able to connect to the printer, thanks to the sharing function it has and through the Xiaomi Home application.
  • The quality of the colors in each print is incredible, it has 4 high-quality colors and you can print up to 500 color pages .

xiaomi multifunction printer

What is the price of the Xiaomi multifunction printer in the Chinese and European market?

At the moment the printer is not available in Europe, it is only sold in the Chinese market and its sale price is 1,119 yuan , which in euros would be equivalent to approximately 171 euros .

Considering all the features and quality of the Xiaomi Mijia Inkjet All-In-One Printer, this printer may be available from resellers like Aliexpress in no time.


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