MacBook Pro: Mysterious signal appears – what s that supposed to mean?

MacBook Pro: Mysterious signal appears – what s that supposed to mean?

If you use a current MacBook Pro (from the end of 2021) or the expensive Pro Display XDR from Apple, you will encounter a mysterious warning signal under certain circumstances. Anyone who sees this then immediately asks: What is that supposed to mean? In the end, the answer has to do with the performance of the screen, who would have thought?

Warning: MacBook Pro and Pro Display XDR can reduce brightness

If the Liquid Retina XDR display of the MacBook Pro (14 and 16 inches) or the Pro Display XDR gets too hot, the screen will switch down a gear and reduce its brightness , according to Apple in a corresponding support document (source: Apple). Customers recognize this behavior not only from the lower brightness, but also from two warning signals that appear in the menu bar or in the control center, which looks like this:

According to Apple, the screen then runs in the so-called "Low Power Mode" . But why does this happen and how can you fix the error? Apple writes about the problem:

"This can happen when the ambient temperature in the room is high and you have been playing very bright content for a long period of time."

Apple shares tips for lowering the temperature

Ergo, if the full brightness of the display is to be available again, we have to somehow reduce the temperature. Apple has valuable tips for this in the document mentioned:

On the MacBook Pro with the Liquid Retina XDR display, quit any applications that could be consuming significant system resources. Use the Apple XDR Display or Pro Display XDR reference mode unless your current workflow requires a specific reference mode. Lower the ambient temperature of the room.Close or hide any windows with HDR content.To put your Mac to sleep, choose Apple menu > Sleep. Let your screen cool down for 5-10 minutes and then press any key on the keyboard to wake up your Mac.

Hot thing, such a MacBook Pro. However, the computer or the display can also get too hot:

If none of this helps and the room temperature is constantly below 25 degrees Celsius, Apple suggests contacting its own service team. Presumably the error should then be sought elsewhere and can only be remedied by professionals.

Either way, the following will soon apply to hot summer days: If you want to enjoy the full brightness of the MacBook Pro and Pro Display XDR, it is probably best to invest in an air conditioner right away . Otherwise you have to live with the restrictions.


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