It s so easy to extend the battery life of your new iPhone

It s so easy to extend the battery life of your new iPhone

If you've gotten a new iPhone and aren't satisfied with the battery life, you can easily extend it. All you have to do is make a setting that affects the network in which the iPhone is located. If you make this compromise, you get a noticeably longer battery life.

iPhones in the 4G network achieve longer battery life

New Apple phones like the iPhone 13 Pro come with a 5G modem. 5G is known to negatively impact battery life. If you don't need the speed advantage of the 5G network, you should use the 4G network and switch off 5G . The Wall Street Journal found that the iPhone 13 Pro lasted 2.5 hours more battery life on 4G than the same usage on 5G. With the iPhone SE (2022) it is at least an hour more. But that also applies to the 5th generation iPad Air, where the battery life was about 2.5 hours longer in the 4G network than in the 5G network.

So if you don't necessarily want to be on the go in the 5G network, you can go to the settings, select Cellular and then Voice & Data. There you can then simply select LTE and exclude the 5G network . This also prevents the smartphone from switching between the 4G and 5G network, which also eats up a lot of energy.

What distinguishes the new iPhone models:

4G network well developed in Germany

In Germany in particular, the 4G network is now very well developed with all three mobile operators . The Stiftung Warentest recently confirmed this. Although Telekom still has the best network in Germany, o2 in particular has caught up. The 5G expansion, on the other hand, is still ongoing, so that coverage is not as good everywhere as in the 4G network. Accordingly, the smartphones are strongly influenced when changing networks.

The speed in the 4G network is also very high. You can basically do anything you want. The 5G network only becomes really relevant later, when you really have to use the high data throughput and short latency to take advantage of it.


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