Is Xiaomi also threatened with a GeekBench ban after allegations of cheating?

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Xiaomi is now also threatened with being excluded from GeekBench. Xiaomi is said to have been caught cheating. Samsung has just received a ban from GeekBench because of the GOS thing.

Samsung was removed from GeekBench after it was discovered that the manufacturer had artificially slowed down nearly 10,000 apps. The so-called Game Optimizing Service did not control the performance of the processor and the graphics chip based on the load, but based on an app list. And benchmarks were not among them.

And so the full performance of the SoC could be called up in Geekbench or AnTuTu, but the processor was throttled in everyday use with many apps and demanding games. And thus had given a distorted picture of the performance of Samsung's Galaxy S22 series.

A similar behavior has now been discovered with the Xiaomi Mi 11. The GeekBench result of the model is between almost 16 percent (single-core) and almost 30 percent (multi-core) worse than when the GeekBench disguises itself as a game like Fortnite or Genshin Impact.

GeekBench has not yet officially commented on this – and neither has Xiaomi.


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