iPhone 14 with old chips! Scandal for Apple or Necessity?

iPhone 14 with old chips! Scandal for Apple or Necessity?

Recently we have received slightly worrying news, according to which Apple is giving away the use of a successor to the A15 chip in the iPhone 14. There has not been something like that before. But does Apple really go that far and would this even be a scandal? In the current weekend column I take on the topic.

First of all, the current news situation is briefly summarized: According to reports, Apple wants to install the A15 chip, already known from the iPhone 13, in the iPhone 14 again. The Pro models of the iPhone 14 alone would therefore get a really new chip (A16). Since the well-informed Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo originally announced this and other sources are now also confirming this prediction, there is a lot to be said for the authenticity of the rumor. Better we make friends with the situation.

iPhone with A15 chip: What would Apple gain from it?

However, it was still the case that every new iPhone in the fall gets a new chip, which is always advertised prominently. But why should Apple now want to change this and consider using old chips, what speaks for the decision and how could it be made palatable to customers?

From an economic point of view, Apple could only win - the A15 is ready, is being mass-produced, the development costs could be stretched again with integration into the iPhone 14. You would also introduce a stronger separation between consumer and pro, the expensive and more profitable pro models would be a bit more attractive. In the end, the margins increase and the cash register rings. Do you need more reasons? If we're being honest, modern smartphone processors are now so fast that customers don't need a new chip every year.

Already fast and good enough today - the Apple 15 and its advantages from Apple explained:

The component could be left as it is, at least for the majority of users. In practice, the increase in speed no longer brings any real benefit for the user. A trend that notebooks and desktops have been anticipating for years. Only a few professionals and players really need more power, the rest don't.

From the bag of tricks: it all comes down to marketing

But how do you want to sell this to customers after you have been telling them the opposite for a long time and have always put the advantages of the new chips in the foreground? Wouldn't they see an old chip in the new iPhone as a step backwards? Probably yes, so Apple would have to dig deep into the marketing box, as before. Apple would probably just add a letter to the well-known A15, change a tiny bit and it doesn't hurt that much anymore - suggestion: Apple A15X or A15E for "enhanced".

We remember: The Apple A12Z Bionic from Apple in the iPad Pro 2020 was also only a slightly modified version of the previously used Apple A12 Bionic. Not to mention the Apple S7 in the current Apple Watch, ultimately nothing more than a renamed Apple S6. In short: Apple has experience in this, only with the iPhone one did not dare to do so much chutzpah up to now.

My thoughts for the weekend: The column wants to provide food for thought and reflect on the "news flood" of the week towards the end. A small selection of previous articles in the column:

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In the future, Apple could even put the built-in chips completely in the background. Based on the old Rolls-Royce motto: there is enough power. For those who didn't know, the luxury manufacturer concealed the correct performance of their limousines for years and only ever described them as "sufficient". Apple is already doing this to some extent today and never officially states the size of the working memory on the iPhone. In the future, this could also apply to the processor.

Not to forget: Basically, one would think about old virtues , because in the first years of the iPhone, when Apple didn't install its own chips, they were never mentioned. The customers didn't mind, because they had completely different priorities.


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