iPhone 14 in pictures: Apple could make the Pro model so chic

iPhone 14 in pictures: Apple could make the Pro model so chic

Almost half a year separates us until the launch of the new iPhone 14, but according to the latest reports from the rumor mill, the form of the new Apple cell phone has long been certain. The main changes are in the Pro model, which we are now presented in clear render images.

The following images were commissioned by the Dutch colleagues at LetsGoDigital, they were created by "Technizo Concept" and the graphic designer Parvez Khan is behind them. He manages to get a fairly realistic impression of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro (source: LetsGoDigital).

iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro: It's all in the details

At first glance, the changes to the iPhone 13 Pro are not immediately obvious, the similarities are just too great. Still, there are numerous details of the iPhone 14 Pro that deserve attention. So let's take a look at Apple's new Pro machine, with an appetizer from a video at the end...

... the rumored iPhone 14 Pro in all its glory. Ultimately, this is still pure speculation, but the dark and muted colors are appealing . The wine-red color is particularly striking. To change ...

... something will definitely change with the camera. The and their sensors are supposed to grow from 12 megapixels to 48 megapixels, a quadrupling of the image area . This will also make the camera hump even bigger, but it will not disappear. But ...

... by and large, we have retained the basic shape of the iPhone 13 Pro . Wait, what's that by the display? Correctly seen ...

... the notch will disappear, Apple will introduce a two-part punch hole design instead. On the left of the "pill" are the sensors for FaceTime, among other things, and on the right in the circular opening is the actual front camera. If ...

... Apple is also adopting the recently introduced alpine green of the iPhone 13 Pro for the iPhone 14 Pro? It would be desirable. By the way ...

... the iPhone 14 Pro and the bigger brother iPhone 14 Pro Max are said to be the only new cell phones to get the Apple A16. The two standard models of the iPhone 14 will probably have to be satisfied with the already known A15 chip or at least with a variant of it. Apple would probably like to see a stronger distinction between Pro and Standard versions guaranteed again. Very classic...

... this iPhone 14 Pro comes in silver . No less well known is also...

... the variant in Graphite . Both color variants will most likely be available again in autumn 2022. Haven't seen enough yet?

Finally, there is the promised trailer for the iPhone 14 Pro. Definitely leaves you wanting more, even if the iPhone 14 Pro doesn't end up containing the design revolution you might have hoped for. Apple will remain true to itself - evolution instead of revolution, you can rely on that.


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