iPad Pro 2022: That s how long we have to wait for Apple s fastest tablet

iPad Pro 2022: That s how long we have to wait for Apple s fastest tablet

Apple recently showed us the fifth generation of the iPad Air, but we've been waiting in vain for a new iPad Pro and we probably won't get it again this spring. But how long do we have to wait for Apple's fastest tablet? An insider wants to know the answer.

iPad Pro 2022: September at the earliest

It's been almost a year since the current iPad Pro was presented, but no one should expect a new model this spring, after all, Apple used the free spot for the iPad Air 5. So Apple is treating itself to a kind of extension and will only release a new Pro model later in the year. When exactly?

Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter dares a prediction. According to him, Apple will introduce the iPad Pro 2022 between September and November . The bottom line is that we have to wait at least half a year (source: Power-on newsletter). There is usually an update for the iPad Pro every 13 to 16 months, in 2022 Apple could now let up to 19 months pass – a new record.

The iPad Pro from last year will remain up-to-date until autumn, an update will come in September at the earliest:

Apple wants to convince with these features

But the wait might be worth it if you take a look at the features you can expect:

MagSafe: The feature known from the iPhone should be introduced to the iPad Pro, charging finally wirelessly and magnetically locked. M2 chip: The iPad Pro and iPad Air are currently using the same chip (M1), but this is set to change again. Because the iPad Pro should get the new M2 chip, which has not yet been presented. It should be faster and manufactured in the 4 nm process. The chip could also have more graphics cores, specifically 9 and 10 instead of the current 7 or 8.

However, we cannot hope for a mini-LED screen in the smaller 11-inch model. According to rumors, the better display technology is still reserved for the model with a 12.9-inch display.


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