iOS 16: Apple must adopt these ideas for the iPhone immediately

iOS 16: Apple must adopt these ideas for the iPhone immediately

Apple will most likely give us a first taste of iOS 16 in June. There is still enough time to implement useful ideas and integrate them into the iPhone. The lock screen in particular could do with a major overhaul, and the following ideas are just begging to be adopted.

The iPhone lock screen has changed little or not at all in recent years. Actually a waste of space, as marketing strategist and product designer Parker Ortolani warns. He has a few better ideas that might get Apple's interest (source: 9to5Mac). Who knows, maybe one or two thoughts will find their way to iOS 16, Apple's big iPhone update this year.

iOS 16: Great ideas for the iPhone lock screen

There are five exciting ideas in a row , which Ortolani addresses and visualizes in an interface concept. Even if Apple were to take over just one of them in one way or another, we could consider ourselves lucky. Let's take a look.

The clock is the beginning. The design has not really changed and there is only a digital version. However, it would finally be desirable to have a stylish, analog option – it's been around on Android for ages. In addition, the digital clock could get a new font. Ortolani would like "San Francisco Rounded" for this. In his opinion, this makes for a decent look. The date supports this intention with a new capitalization.

Why are there only two fixed shortcuts on the lock screen (flashlight and camera)? There would be room for at least four shortcuts. You could choose more or less freely in the future based on the model of the control center. For example, options for shortcuts to the Apple TV remote, sleep mode, AirPlay, focus mode, fitness rings, HomeKit, and a timer would be really useful.

Another cool idea: Notifications that also contain small widgets and thus provide more information. Ortolani describes it this way:

"The weather app could give quick access to an hourly forecast widget when it notifies that it's about to start raining. When receiving a notification of a calendar event, the iPhone may show additional appointments that fall into the day.

These widgets could be embedded in notification modules right on the lock screen along with other widgets. And the developers would not have to change their design. They fit right in."

Another long-cherished wish: the always-on display for the iPhone . Was suspected again and again, but even the current iPhone 13 does not have the option. This would no longer be a problem, especially with the ProMotion display of the Pro versions with regard to the dynamic refresh rate. Such a constantly active spear screen would not have to display much at all. Actually only the time, the date, the battery, the network display and the lock status - that's all it needs.

And then there would be something like a morning summary on the iPhone lock screen , which could stack appropriate widgets that the iPhone thinks you're going to be looking at frequently and could use at the right time.

Apple's roadmap for 2022

We have to admit, any of these ideas would be a real addition to the iPhone system. But will Apple really be inspired by this for iOS? We'll see it in the summer. Most likely again in June, Apple invites you to its own trade fair (WWDC) and will present developers and customers with a first preview version of iOS 16 - we'll keep an eye on it. A release is then scheduled for autumn (September). By the way, probably not all previous iPhones will be supported this year.


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