Insider tip straight from the Apple manager: This is how iPhone users receive updates faster

Insider tip straight from the Apple manager: This is how iPhone users receive updates faster

If you ask, you'll get an answer—even from a seasoned executive like Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software development. He now indirectly gives iPhone users an insider tip: If you no longer want to wait for software updates, you have to take action yourself.

For the iPhone: Apple intentionally takes its time with automatic updates

If you want, you can activate the so-called automatic system updates for the iPhone within iOS, then the latest update will be loaded and installed automatically. However, this feature obviously has a small timing problem. Quite a few users complain that it can sometimes take weeks for these automatic updates to reach users. How does this happen? A Reddit user also wanted to know this and wrote an email to Craig Federighi (source: Reddit).

To his surprise, he got a direct answer from the head of software development at Apple. As it turns out, such delays are intentional on the part of the iPhone manufacturer, and for good reason. Federighi writes (translated):

We gradually roll out new iOS updates, first making them available to those who explicitly look for them in Settings, and then starting rolling them out to devices 1-4 weeks later (after receiving feedback on the update), at which the automatic update is activated.
I hope it helps!

Another tip, did you know? This is how the iPhone recognizes songs without an extra app:

Tip: If you don't want to wait, you have to import software updates manually

So Apple would first like to wait for user feedback in order to be able to make improvements or withdraw updates at short notice – both of these have certainly happened in the past. In the end, this means for impatient contemporaries: If you want the latest iPhone update immediately and don't want to wait any longer for automatic updates, you have to search for and install the updates manually - Federighi's insider tip, if you will. And where can you find these updates?

Another insider tip:

We open the settings on the iPhone, select the item "General" and then find the appropriate entry "Software update" in the second place on the following page. The update is then hidden behind it – ready for download and installation.


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