If you have a Samsung phone, you should know about this free Android app

If you have a Samsung phone, you should know about this free Android app

If you buy a modern Samsung smartphone, you have to live with many restrictions. You don't have to accept all of them and you can upgrade your smartphone with the right app. In that case we take care of the missing notification LED.

Retrofit notification LED on Samsung smartphones

For me, the notification LED was actually indispensable on previous smartphones. I could see immediately when a new message arrived without having to activate the smartphone. Hardly any manufacturer now installs notification LEDs. Instead, there are always-on displays that drain the battery. If you don't want that either, you can retrofit the notification LED with the free Android app "Energy Ring" . The application takes advantage of the design of many Samsung phones.

Many Samsung smartphones have a punch-hole camera. There is a hole in the display where the front camera is located. A notification ring is created around this camera using the Android app "Energy Ring". This allows notifications to be displayed. But there is much more. For example, you can also display the remaining battery life and much more .

If you enjoy such small gadgets for your smartphone, then you can try the Android app. It's free and compatible with most Samsung smartphones. The Galaxy S22 cell phones are new. But classics like the Galaxy A51 are also supported .

The app also runs on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra:

Android app also compatible with other smartphones

The Android app "Energy Ring" does not only work with Samsung smartphones. Many other models with punch-hole cameras are also supported . For example, the new Pixel 6 cell phones or models from Xiaomi, OnePlus and Co. The most common models are listed in the description in the Google Play Store. At the end of the day, it's a free Android app that's easy to try without any downsides if that's exactly what you want.


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