Huawei P30 gets final EMUI 12 update [ELE-L29]

Huawei P30

Now the Huawei P30 is also getting the final EMUI 12 update. With that, the Huawei P30 series is completely up to date with the latest user interface. As always, the beta testers will probably be the first to receive the update.

The EMUI 12 update now has a size of 4.52 GB, downloading via WLAN is recommended. And of course back up your personal data beforehand! A new security patch does not seem to be included this time and the system continues to run on Android 10.

ELE-L29 Changelog

list of changes
This update introduces EMUI 12, providing an intuitive interface and a cross-device panel on the control panel for better smart collaboration.

Innovative interactions

Supports more flexible font customization where you can adjust font size and width with a slider.

[Neuromorph Design]
Applies the concept of neuromorphism to UI elements. It uses simple colors, tones, shadows and highlights to achieve a more realistic effect.

[Smart Folders]
Supports pressing and holding app folders on the home screen to enlarge them and make the apps inside easier to access.

[Notification Panel and Control Panel]
Allows you to swipe down from the top left of the screen to access the notification panel to view notifications, and swipe down from the top right of the screen to access the control panel to use shortcuts.
Adds an audio control panel to the panel to make it easier to switch between different audio devices and apps. Allows you to quickly enable cross-screen collaboration by tapping icons for Huawei laptops and tablets in the "Device+" section of the control panel.

Smart Life in all scenarios

[Cooperative Security]
Adds a cooperative authentication function between mobile phones and laptops, which allows you to unlock your phone by entering the screen unlock password for the phone on the Huawei laptop when the phone and the laptop are connected via the cross-screen cooperation.

[Cross-device file management]
Supports accessing documents or pictures on the phone from a laptop without connecting the two devices with a data cable.

Adds the MeeTime app that lets you make HD voice and video calls over WiFi or a data network.
Adds support for screen sharing during video calls, allowing you to tag and share key information in video chats.
Note: MeeTime is only available in certain countries and regions:

Improves Huawei Share transfer speed for faster file sharing between Huawei phones, tablets and laptops.

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