Hidden in the Samsung cell phone: This setting protects your battery

Hidden in the Samsung cell phone: This setting protects your battery

Samsung phones are known for their variety of functions. Disadvantage of the wealth of features: Some useful functions are hidden deep in the settings. xiaomist reveals one of them that can extend battery life.

In times of permanently installed batteries, the service life of the integrated battery has a decisive share in how many years the smartphone can be used at all. If you own a Samsung phone, you have an advantage here – because there is a menu item buried deep in the settings that can extend the life of the battery .

Samsung phones have option to extend battery life

You can't see it at first glance because strangely Samsung hides it a bit. You can find the option with the uncreative name "Protect battery" in the settings. You can get there using the following steps:

Open settings Tap on "Battery and device maintenance" Then go to Battery Press "More battery settings" Tick "Protect battery".

So a total of 5 steps to activate the option. What Samsung was thinking will probably remain a secret from the South Koreans forever - after all, such an option should be directly visible and not hidden in nested submenus .

But how exactly is the battery protected? According to Samsung, the battery is only charged to a maximum of 85 percent after activation and this is supposed to extend the service life of the integrated battery . In fact, a full charge to 100 percent is not always optimal. According to experts, the ideal charging range for a battery is between 30 and 80 percent, and according to SWR, the specialists at Battery University recommend a stop at 90 percent. With its 85 percent, Samsung stays right in the middle.

Don't be fooled by these battery myths:

Perks in the Samsung Members app

In addition to the hidden option to extend the life of the battery, Samsung users can also save a lot of money - namely via the Samsung Members app. It offers discounts on popular apps, subscriptions, and other paid services.


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