Google distributes updates: Ancient cell phones get new functions

Google distributes updates: Ancient cell phones get new functions

Google is even keeping an eye on cell phones that are seven years old: Google is currently distributing an important function for more security among many smartphones. Android 6.0 phones from 2015 will also get App Reset for Permissions as part of Google Play Protect.

Along with Android 11, Google had implemented a useful feature known as permissions app reset. Permissions granted by the user are automatically removed here if the apps have not been opened for a longer period of time. This generally leads to more security, since users tend to forget the authorizations over time. In September 2021, Google announced that it also wanted to distribute the function on older versions of Android. Now the rollout has started.

Google makes old Android phones more secure

All Android versions between Android 6.0 from 2015 and Android 10 from 2019 are supplied (source: XDA Developers). With more recent versions, the automatic app reset is already available on the smartphone.

Users do not have to take action themselves to get the function. Google provides them as part of Google Play Protect . The option "Permissions for unused apps" will then appear in the Play Protect settings. Here, too, users do not have to make any settings, because old authorizations automatically disappear after three months. However, exceptions can be defined if required. In this case, the authorizations granted remain indefinitely.

A lot has changed in Android 12 when it comes to security:

Android 12: More security with privacy dashboard

Despite the app reset, owners of cell phones with old Android versions should consider whether Android 12 is not the better choice. With the data protection dashboard, Google has introduced many useful innovations that ensure more security.


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