Gigaset presents COMFORT 500

Gigaset COMFORT 500 duo TL silver-black

Premiere for the new all-rounder from Gigaset. With a timeless, elegant design, perfect ergonomics and many comfort functions, the COMFORT 500 is the ideal telephone for at home - from the living area to the home office. Thanks to the headset connection and integrated hands-free facility, you have your hands free when making calls in HD quality. And the dynamic blacklist protects against unwanted calls. The Gigaset COMFORT 500 is available in versions with and without an answering machine, in bundles with up to three handsets, for direct connection to a DECT-enabled router and as an IP DECT telephone system.


"The expectations of a new cordless phone from Gigaset are very high, especially in this price range," says Manfred Heuermann, Product Manager at Gigaset. "So we made the tried and tested even better." The COMFORT 500 is the successor to the extremely successful Gigaset C430 series - the bar is correspondingly high. The most striking thing is the leap in design: the 2.2-inch color display with its easy-to-read graphics and fonts is embedded in the glossy black upper half of the handset. And the large, illuminated keys with a noticeable pressure point blend in with the silver-colored housing. "People want their homes to be beautiful – the smaller details, such as a telephone, also count. We are meeting this requirement with our new design," says Heuermann.

No more unwanted calls

The newly developed comfort call protection of the Gigaset COMFORT 500 reliably protects against advertising calls or dangerous fraud. Up to 150 phone numbers can be entered in a blocked list or taken directly from the call list. Anonymous calls can also be blocked or muted. With time control, the phone remains silent at specified times, but callers with a VIP address book entry are still put through. The call protection of the Gigaset COMFORT 500 with base station or answering machine is even more comprehensive: If only callers who are in the address book are allowed, the device blocks all other calls. The memory is sufficient for up to 200 contacts, each with three telephone numbers - including date of birth. The device can even remind you of the birthday call.

Picture and sound of your choice

Whether dark or high-contrast white display, analog or digital clock as the screen background - with its personalization options, the Gigaset COMFORT 500 will quickly become your favorite roommate. Two acoustic profiles with different frequency ranges and hearing aid compatibility ensure an optimal listening experience. The sound quality and volume are first class, as you'd expect from Gigaset - even in hands-free mode. The ringer volume can be set to five levels or as a crescendo, important callers can be assigned their own ringtones. So you can already hear who's answering the ringtone. And if nobody is at home, the answering machine of the Gigaset COMFORT 500A picks up. Messages with a total duration of up to 30 minutes can be listened to via the handset, the base station or remotely.

For all generations

Up to six handsets are possible on the base station - one for each floor, one in the kitchen, in the basement, in the workshop or in the garage. And one in the children's room: in baby monitor mode, the Gigaset COMFORT 500 establishes a connection to other handsets in the household or even to mum or dad's smartphone when a noise threshold is exceeded. If the children are a bit older, the direct call function is particularly practical: all keys trigger the dialing process of a preassigned phone number - it's impossible to miss the number. Ideal for children who cannot read yet.

With the ECO DECT technology, Gigaset is also making a contribution to future generations: the particularly energy-saving phones are radiation-free in standby mode and during a call the transmission power automatically adjusts to the distance between the base and the handset. That means: The shorter the distance to the base of the Gigaset COMFORT 500, the lower the radiation.

A COMFORT 500 for all occasions

Gigaset is offering the COMFORT 500 in different versions and bundles right from the market launch. The device is available from EUR 59.99 (RRP). The model with an answering machine costs EUR 69.99 (RRP), the duo with an answering machine and two handsets costs EUR 99.99 (RRP) and the trio with an answering machine and three handsets costs EUR 129.99. The COMFORT 500 HX handset for EUR 59.99 (RRP) does not have its own base station and can be connected directly to DECT-enabled routers such as the FRITZ! Box from AVM or the Telekom Speedport can be connected.

The Gigaset COMFORT 500A IP flex for EUR 99.99 (RRP) is the right choice for Internet telephony and IP-based connections. Connected to the router's LAN port or the LAN network, the telephone system can manage up to six IP-based phone numbers from different providers and assign each to a separate handset. Up to three virtual answering machines are possible.

The Gigaset COMFORT 500 will be available in the color silver-black and as a COMFORT 550 variant in the color black-chrome from April in stationary and online stores as well as in the Gigaset online shop .

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