Five accessories for your Xiaomi that you should definitely have

The Xiaomi catalog contains some of the most essential accessories on the market . From wireless headphones to USB Type C thumb drives with ample storage space.

Anything you need, you can find it under the seal of the company, or one of its subsidiaries. In the face of this, we have decided to collect five accessories for your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO that you should definitely have right away .

Five accessories for your Xiaomi

After collecting the most important accessories for the Xiaomi portable air compressor , this time we wanted to expand the margin a little more. Therefore, the accessories that we mention below can easily be used at any time in your daily life :

1. Xiaomi Mi Braided USB

One of Xiaomi's best-selling accessories is its 100-centimeter-long braided USB cable. Called Mi Braided USB Type-C Cable , it is a highly resistant and durable product thanks to its Kevlar structure and its braided nylon exterior.

Xiaomi Braided USB Cable

The Mi Braided USB cable is, in other words, a cable for life. It has extra protection on its corners to prevent breakage and its rigidity prevents it from becoming entangled in a cumbersome way.

In addition, it offers high data transfer speed and supports all types of fast charging . If it catches your attention, it is available for sale on AliExpress for less than 5 euros.

2.Xiaomi U Disk Flash Drive

In Xiaomi's computer accessories section is the eye-catching U Disk Flash Drive , a USB storage drive that uses the USB 3.2 Gen 1 standard to offer high read speeds . What makes this portable memory special is that it has a USB-A port for computers , and a USB-C port for mobile devices .

Dual USB memory, accessory for your Xiaomi

In other words, you can plug the U Disk Flash Drive into your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, and stably transfer videos, documents, images and more. Its storage capacity can be 64GB or 128GB , depending on the version you buy. It is available for sale on AliExpress for less than 25 euros.

3. Mi 33W Wall Charger

If what you are looking for is to take care of your Xiaomi's battery, then the Mi 33W Wall Charger is the accessory you need. This charger, which is available for sale on Goboo for just 14 euros, allows you to charge two devices simultaneously .

33W dual charger

The charger's USB-C port offers 33W fast charging. In addition, its intermediate charging power and security systems keep your mobile battery safe . While its USB-A port is ideal for connecting any type of electronic device, such as the Xiaomi Watch S1.

4.Redmi Buds 3

The Redmi Buds 3 wireless earphones are characterized by their comfortable and lightweight design, and also for being an extremely economical option. Its weight is just 4.5 grams, and it offers a noise cancellation system that allows you to listen to music or make calls without interruptions from your surroundings.

Redmi Buds 3 Wireless Earbuds

In addition to its 12mm drivers for reproducing high-quality sound , the Redmi Buds 3 also feature a Qualcomm QCC3040 processor with Qualcomm aptX audio decoding for 95ms low latency . If you want a pair, they are available for sale on Amazon for 34 euros.

5. Xiaomi 10W Wireless Power Bank 10000

Lastly, we talk about one of Xiaomi's most requested accessories. The 10W Wireless Power Bank 10000 mAh is a large capacity device that has a wireless output capable of reaching a maximum power of 10W .

10000mAh Wireless Power Bank

Also, the 10W Wireless Power Bank 10000 has a USB port, which reaches a power of 18W, so that it is possible to charge two devices simultaneously .

Similarly, its compact size makes it ideal for long trips, and its multiple safety standards protect the integrity of your battery . It is available for sale in Xiaomi Spain for only 20 euros.

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