False promises on the Galaxy S22: investigation launched against Samsung

False promises on the Galaxy S22: investigation launched against Samsung

A lot is coming together at Samsung right now. With the Galaxy S22 models, the South Korean company presented smartphones that have been proven to throttle the performance of apps. This contradicts the advertising promises made by Samsung - and that's why an investigation is being launched.

Samsung's app brake prompts investigation

We recently informed you that a form of "app braking" has been discovered on some Samsung devices. 1,000 apps are recognized by the "Game Optimizing Service" and the available performance is massively reduced . While Samsung is working on an update that will give users the choice to use this feature to keep heat and battery consumption in check, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) in Korea has launched an investigation (source: Korea Herald).

Specifically, Samsung is accused of having advertised something that does not correspond to the facts. For example, Samsung spoke of "best performance ever" in connection with the Galaxy S22 smartphones, i.e. the "best performance of all time". Of course, that didn't turn out to be correct. According to Geekbench, the smartphone can only get 59.3 percent of its actual performance when the aforementioned system is active.

Buyers also have a problem with the refresh rate of 120 Hz. The 120 Hz is not always available and the function is not supposed to work, especially in games - so the allegations. The market watchdogs will also take a closer look at this.

What the new Samsung smartphones can do:

Should Samsung expect a fine?

Probably not. The company has already announced that with the next update they will integrate a function with which you can decide for yourself how much power is made available to Samsung cell phones. For Samsung, of course, the whole story is still unpleasant. The company could have learned from the mistakes of other manufacturers who did the same thing years ago. Samsung will, of course, be under scrutiny from now on and any lapse in performance will be publicly reprimanded.


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