Dreame D9 robot vacuum on sale

Dreame D9

Goboo now also has the Dreame D9 vacuum robot on offer. Dreame is known as a producer of strong price-performance models for cordless vacuum cleaners. And the Dreame D9 with laser distance sensor and other practical features is an exciting offer.

At Goboo you can now get the vacuum robot for EUR 274.99. It offers Laser Lidar Navigation and Interactive MultiMap, powerful 3000 Pa, 150 min battery life, App control / Wi-Fi / Alexa etc..

The cordless vacuum cleaner is no longer brand new, it came onto the market in 2020. Nevertheless, it offers everything you need for the asking price. Sure, there are better models, but then you have to pay twice as much for them.

Thanks to the code DREAME30OFF you save EUR 30.00 and another EUR 5.00 if you select the coupon on the order page. Next day delivery from Spain, free shipping, 2 years official warranty, Xiaomi official customer service and 30 days return policy. By the way, you can even pay with PayPal at Goboo.

To the Dreame D9 offer

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