{Disarmed} Xiaomi announces new "Super Wallpapers" for MIUI 13

Xiaomi announces new

Xiaomi always takes advantage of the new versions not only to include a multitude of new features so that the user experience improves even more. Now, it has released new animated wallpapers by surprise.

New "Super Wallpapers" come to MIUI 13

Just a few hours ago, the official MIUI 13 account announced that new wallpapers will arrive on devices that are already enjoying said version.

Although they have not yet appeared on most devices and some may even vary depending on the region. It seems that the company continues betting on animated wallpapers that offer a much more personalized experience to the user.

In this case, the wallpapers seem to be inspired by cold colors and black backgrounds. There are two types of wallpapers , some with very sharp and defined lines. On the other hand, we have more rounded lines in which you can even see flowers.

You can now download MIUI 13 wallpapers
In Engadget Android
You can now download MIUI 13 wallpapers

At the moment they have not arrived, but it is likely that they will be deployed very soon and in silence, so we will have to check the wallpapers of our smartphone to release them as soon as they are available.

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