{Disarmed} What is the PAI indicator and why is it so important that your smartwatch incorporates it

What is the PAI indicator and why is it so important that your smartwatch incorporates it

Over the last few years, the wearable devices that we carry on our wrist have made a significant leap in terms of registering our health, not only in terms of hardware, but even some extra software features that make that we can keep a much more exhaustive control of our current physical state.

Within these functionalities we want to talk about the PAI index , a tool that has been incorporated into the latest Xiaomi devices and which is really useful in order to know a balance between all the aspects related to our state of health and to be able to achieve that healthy lifestyle that we all have in mind.

What is the PAI index?

First of all you have to know that the acronym PAI corresponds to the name Personal Activity Intelligence, that is, this is a personal health indicator that bases its operation on the mixture of several parameters that give us a total score, thus resulting in a guide detailed description of our daily physical activity and its quality in absolute terms.


In short, PAI is simply an algorithm that takes as a reference some data such as heart rate or other data related to our health that, once our day is over, can give us a score to indicate whether or not we have met our daily objective of to keep ourselves in the best physical condition possible.

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In fact, as Xiaomi tells us in its Mi Fitness app, "some studies have shown that people who keep their PAI values ​​above 100 have a lower risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes" , so its use can clearly make an important difference between our physical health being at an optimum point or not.

How can we activate PAI in our Xiaomi wearable and get points

In this case, the way to activate it is quite simple since in the latest Xiaomi smart watches we have it directly integrated into a specific section of the Mi Fitness app. Therefore, we will only have to activate continuous heart rate monitoring and the PAI index will begin to register automatically.

Pai Band 6

This is because the registration of this index is closely linked to our heart rate, and this is how we can get points to reach our daily goal. In fact, the way to obtain these points is with activities that require a certain intensity during a succession of days, having to overcome that barrier of 100 points to consider that we are in an optimal physical moment.

So that we have a reference, the more beats our watch detects during a specific period of time, the greater the number of points we will obtain. As an example, exercising for a total of two hours above 112 beats means earning around 12 PAI points, so we are going to have to be quite demanding with ourselves to reach that minimum figure that we want to achieve.

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