{Disarmed} Spotify tests an interface for the car with voice search

Spotify tests an interface for the car with voice search

Spotify is the most popular streaming music service in the Android world. Now he is testing a new interface with which he wants to make it much more accessible to be able to control it when we are in the car.

A simpler interface with voice search included

Probably, it has ever happened to you that you feel like a song while you are driving and you cannot, and should not, search for the song you want on Spotify. Well, the Swedish company seems to have a solution that is already testing and corresponds to a search engine.

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You just have to click on the microphone symbol button, if it can't be invoked by voice, and then you just have to pronounce the name of the song you want.


In addition to the search engine, there are two other buttons through which you can access your different playlists so that you can, in just a few taps, change it to the one you like the most.

This movement is at a time when Android Auto is already integrated into Android 12 and for which the different developers are working on adapting the interface of their applications to the car . This new option can be activated soon through the settings so that when it detects that our mobile has connected to the car via Bluetooth.

Xiaomi presents its own Android Auto: it's called CarWith and so you can try it
In xiaomist
Xiaomi presents its own Android Auto: it's called CarWith and so you can try it

This is added to many other apps such as the Google Assistant or Google Maps . Without a doubt, it can be very useful to be able to drive calmly and listen to the songs that we want at all times.

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