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TerraMaster Released U8-450 NAS Server – Rackmount 2U 8-Bay with High Speed

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and individuals alike require efficient and reliable data management solutions. The U8-450 NAS server from TerraMaster is a cutting-edge device that combines powerful hardware with advanced features to meet the demands of modern data storage and sharing. The heart of the U8-450 NAS server is its Atom C3558R Quad-core 2.4GHz … The post TerraMaster Released U8-450 NAS Server – Rackmount 2U 8-Bay with High Speed appeared first on XiaomiToday .

{Disarmed} Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 comparison: this is how this new generation of vacuum cleaners looks compared to other rivals on the market

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 comparison: this is how this new generation of vacuum cleaners looks compared to other rivals on the market

It seemed that the day would not come. The new family of robot vacuum cleaners finally lands in Spain. And, with them, Xiaomi has made a huge technological leap. The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Ultra , Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro and Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 represent the second generation of their own cleaning systems —far are the alliances in the past with Roborock—.

And first of all we must distinguish a clear novelty. The clue is found in the very name of the products: these robot vacuum cleaners are hybrids . In other words, they vacuum and sweep, but they also mop using the wet mop system that is currently working so well.

Let's see what these three new models offer, which one suits you according to your needs and budget and, above all, what they offer compared to other alternatives on the market.

Comparison chart



My Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Ultra


353 × 350 × 81mm

353 x 350 x 96mm

353 x 350 x 98.8mm







lds slam

Dual camera, LDS SLAM, ToF

suction power



16,500 Pa




550ml (base with 4 liter capacity)

Water tank capacity





Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Control via app

Yes, Xiaomi Home

Yes, Xiaomi Home

Yes, Xiaomi Home

energy power




battery and autonomy


5,200 mAh / 170 minutes of use (full charge in 3.5 hours)

5,200mAh (full charge in 3.5 hours)


mop and water tank

Mop and additional tanks

Self-cleaning station, adapter and additional tanks





New generation, new commitment to comprehensive cleaning


As we can see, the key difference is determined by the technological leap. That a robot vacuums and also scrubs means that you can completely forget about giving it a hand, that you will not need to change brushes or resort to manual cleaning as reinforcement. The robot itself, phase by phase, is in charge of finishing all the surfaces of the home.

Which Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to buy: models, prices and recommendations
In xiaomist
Which Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to buy: models, prices and recommendations

And what does this mean translated into the type of robot vacuum cleaner? That each robot now has two tanks , one for the physical residue and another for the soapy water used to rinse the mop module.

The simplest model of the three, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2S, does not have the base station – it can be purchased independently – but it does have the scrubbing functions of its older brothers.

Three Mi Robot Vacuum-Mops facing each other


Let's go now with the review in terms of power of each model. The first Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S has a suction power of 2,200 Pa and a passive mopping system.

If you usually have pets in your home that bring sand from the street, we recommend you opt for a more ambitious system. And the second, the Pro model, raises the ante to 3,000Pa and high-frequency sonic vibration scrubbing with up to 10,000 brushes per minute.

45 days in a row without emptying the tank: this new Xiaomi robot only needs to be cleaned eight times a year
In xiaomist
45 days in a row without emptying the tank: this new Xiaomi robot only needs to be cleaned eight times a year

The third model, capable of overcoming heights of up to 20mm, shoots power up to 16,500Pa and has a double ventilation system and wider rollers to catch more dirt in less time. A higher speed that also translates into the emptying of dirt to continue cleaning. This robot has a cyclical blowing design: when it is full it returns to the station and in just 10 seconds, completely automatically, it empties itself to continue with its task.

All three models are compatible with updates via OTA and have 4 cleaning and 3 scrubbing models:

  • Suction modes: quiet, normal, fast and turbo.
  • Mop modes : slow, medium and maximum.
Vacuum Cleaner 2 Ultra

Let us now focus on environment awareness technologies. The first model uses a single sonar-like laser navigation sensor, which generates maps using the response reflected off surfaces. The SLAM algorithm is in charge of perfecting this collected data to optimize its routes and location on each environment.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2: these are its differences between the new Xiaomi vacuum robots
In xiaomist
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2: these are its differences between the new Xiaomi vacuum robots

The Pro model considerably improves its analysis of the surface, being able to draw maps on each floor —unlike the previous model, which can only recognize a single floor— and allows assigning names to each profile or room, perfect for programming cleaning by specific areas .

The third model goes one step further and has two cameras that generate three-dimensional positioning (360º), in order to actively prevent —in real time— the position of obstacles and avoid them.

In addition , the ToF sensor of the front profile is added to recognize the height of each space and know if it fits or not , avoiding getting stuck under the furniture. From the Xiaomi Home app we can assign virtual walls or restricted areas, plan routes, clean recurring areas or leave it free to map our home.

The model that best suits you


When it comes to choosing the ideal model, we must first analyze the type of need we have. Do we live in a 1-storey flat, in a house with 2 or in a 3-storey villa with several nooks and crannies that are especially problematic to map? For floors of 50-100m2 that do not require extensive maintenance, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S will be a perfect complement , for a price of 199.99 euros , similar to other alternatives on the market such as the Roomba 692.

Similar to the Conga 6090 Ultra and for homes with several floors or those that require extra cleaning, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro, for 449.99 euros , seems to us the most intelligent solution. Its extra power will cover more stubborn spots and it can map up to 5 plants.

In search of the best quality-price robot vacuum cleaner: purchase recommendations based on use and six outstanding models
in Xataka
In search of the best quality-price robot vacuum cleaner: purchase recommendations based on use and six outstanding models

And for large homes —up to 250m2— where large families live with many objects blocking the way, our recommendation is clear, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Ultra, priced at 549.99 euros and a huge tank capable of performing up to 10 cleanings. complete before the base station bag needs to be changed . The CortexA53 quad-core chip will take care of the precise positioning and its extra space will save us from having to keep an eye on it throughout the week.

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