{Disarmed} Is it worth buying an electric scooter having the rental ones?

Is it worth buying an electric scooter having the rental ones?

Electric scooters are one of the best ways to get around the city . They are fast and environmentally friendly. In addition, just a few days ago we saw if they were worth it, even with the price of electricity going through the roof.

Rental scooters, the alternative

The DGT has just updated the traffic regulations with new sanctions and regulations, such as the obligation to wear a helmet.

From carsharing / motosharing , a very interesting proposal has emerged in recent times from the same companies that are dedicated to other variants of car sharing: electric scooters for rent.

Unlike cars, electric scooters are found on the sidewalks of large cities . In fact, there is great competition between the different companies, which often offer the same scooter model at different prices.

Keep in mind that, unlike personal electric scooters, those that are on the road have insurance . These companies are required to have insurance because it corresponds to a lucrative activity.

This is what Zity says it is doing to convince users to return to car sharing
in Xataka
This is what Zity says it is doing to convince users to return to car sharing



On this occasion we are going to use the most popular Xiaomi electric scooter as an example, the Mi Scooter Electric 3 has a price of 449.99 euros . In Madrid the price of the electric scooter varies depending on the company. Here is a comparative table:













Are there bonuses/subscriptions?






unlock cost

0 euros

0 euros

0 euros

1 euro

1 euro

price per hour




9 euros

9 euros

The most expensive per minute , without taking into account discounts of any kind, is Acciona. In this case we would have to divide 450 euros by 13.80 euros to obtain the result . This way we will know how many hours, at least, we would have to be on the scooter so that it does not cost us to buy a scooter.

To spend 450 euros on the rental of Acciona scooters, we will have to spend a total of 32.6 hours . That is, a day and a half. That is if we go to the highest price of these five companies that we have chosen, although there are many others.

Electric scooters at more than 25 km/h: this is how brands are limiting their most powerful models to adapt to regulations
in Xataka
Electric scooters at more than 25 km/h: this is how brands are limiting their most powerful models to adapt to regulations

In the event that we chose Goto, the situation is different. The first 15 minutes are 15 cents, then the minute is more expensive to 20 cents. This time we will take an average of 11.25 euros per hour.

450 euros between 11.25 euros per hour is 40 hours , that is, almost two days on a scooter. We must bear in mind that if we use these services we do not have to worry about anything, beyond leaving it well parked on the street if we do not want a fine of 75 euros.

In the case of Lime and Voi, the figures we obtain are identical to each other, specifically at 10 euros per hour, taking into account that we would block it every hour of use. We would have to spend 45 hours on the scooter.

Factors to consider

MY Electric Scooter

Neither insurance, nor electricity, nor depending on carrying it anywhere , are some of the advantages that are offered to us. Now we can take Xiaomi's cheapest scooter, the Mi Electric Essential , which costs 329.99 euros and find out how long we would have to be on Goto's.

In this case, we would have to spend about 30 hours on the scooter until the scooter is fully paid . In this case we are not taking into account other factors such as the cost of electricity or spare parts, because, like bicycles, these unfortunately also suffer from punctures.

{"videoId":"x82dtea","autoplay":true,"title":"Patinete Xiaomi Mijia M365, review en español EL TRANSPORTE del MOMENTO"}

In the data offered we are not taking into account promotions or bonuses through which we could save more money on the different platforms. Of course, all that glitters is not gold, since we depend on there being one available near our area and we would not have to travel meters in the opposite direction to our destination.

It is also true that the pandemic has made many of the users feel less safe when it comes to touching something that other users have touched. It is also not sustainable, since a study revealed that they polluted more than a car due to what it means to recharge them, take them back, etc.

So is it worth having our own scooter?

my electric scooter

Well, like many things in life, it depends. As we are seeing, with the more expensive scooters, it is somewhat more complicated to amortize them. Now, it all depends on the situation. If you can recharge them at work and return home comfortably and efficiently, it's like someone who has a car and always parks at the door.

Having the data, each one must assess whether or not the purchase compensates them, since it will also depend on the distance they travel daily and even on the city in which they live.

Sources: Lime , Cabify , Acciona , Goto , Voi .

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The news Is it worth buying an electric scooter having the rental ones? It was originally published in xiaomist by Alejandro Fernández .


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