Data Alert – View & limit Android data usage

Data Alert – View & limit Android data usage

ndroid offers a useful feature that allows you to keep an eye on and limit the amount of data you use. This is especially useful if you have a mobile phone plan with limited data volume. We explain to you how to proceed if the Android system displays a data warning.

The topics of "data consumption" and "throttling" are a big topic in German-speaking countries when it comes to mobile communications. It doesn't matter whether it's music, videos or advertising videos: If you want to find out which apps on your Android device are causing high data consumption, you can display an overview. You can then use this to restrict app data access to the internet.

This video introduces a Google app that wants to help you with limited data volume:

Depending on how much traffic you need over the month, you should look around for an Internet flat rate with more or less monthly traffic so that you don't have to accept unnecessarily high costs or a slow connection after throttling. A fixed data volume per month is usually agreed in mobile phone contracts. If the data consumption exceeds this limit, depending on the tariff, the speed is throttled or additional costs are incurred. Sometimes you will then get a data warning, which at the same time informs you that it is now getting expensive or slower. So that you don't get a nasty surprise on your mobile phone bill at the end of the month and you can budget with your data volume, Android offers an informative overview of the data volume used and the option of setting a warning or even a limit.

Activate warning for used data volume

You can set a data warning in Android that informs you that your data volume will soon be exhausted if you choose to use it freely.

How to set Abdroid data alert:

You can find the entry in the " Settings ", for example under " Wireless & networks " → " Data usage" or under " Connections " → "Data usage ". There you can, in addition to setting a limit, also set up a " data warning ". To do this, tap on "Data usage " and then on " Billing period ". If you can't find these menu items, just search for " Data Warning " in the settings. If you then activate the option " Set data warning ", you can specify the amount of data used you want to be warned about.


You can only measure the data consumption correctly if you set your mobile phone when a new billing period begins . On that day everything is reset to zero and the count starts over. You cannot assume that your provider will start this on the first of the month and therefore the display may differ from actual usage. If in doubt, ask your provider.

If you now exceed the specified data volume, you will receive a warning in the notifications. It is also possible to completely block data connections after a certain data volume has been exceeded . We explain how this works in the next paragraph.

Android data usage: Set a limit and then lock it

Anyone who no longer wants to be online above a certain data volume, for example because their tariff would otherwise incur additional costs, can set a limit at which data use is automatically deactivated. However, Android points out that the calculation of the data consumption is not always accurate and that there may well be discrepancies with the actual billing from the mobile phone provider. Therefore, you should consider using a slightly lower limit, even if you actually have more traffic available. This is also useful, for example, if your tariff includes automatic data that you cannot deactivate.

data usage warning

To set the limit, go back to the settings:

Again, depending on the Android version, the option can be found in different places. On some devices, you can find them under "Wireless & Networks" -> "Data Usage". Check the "Set limit" box and confirm the warning by clicking "Ok".

It is a bit more hidden in other versions. For example, look in the settings under "Connections" → "Data usage" - "Mobile data usage". There you will find a gear icon for further settings at the top right and finally the option "Set data limit" and below it the possibility to enter a value.

This setting ensures that the mobile data connection is interrupted as soon as the specified data consumption has been reached. However, you should note the following:

With the "flat rate tariffs" offered today with limited high-speed volume, you actually have a flat rate." There are no additional costs - the connection is then only throttled and significantly slower.

Show & limit data usage: Block individual apps

Since Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it has been quick and easy to deny apps direct access to the mobile Internet or to deny complete access in general. This is useful, for example, if you use an app but the video ads cause an increased data volume. To do this, simply tap on the relevant application in the data usage overview and deactivate the relevant entries.


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