Currently free of charge instead of 3.99 euros: iPhone app for friends of the disaster

Currently free of charge instead of 3.99 euros: iPhone app for friends of the disaster

Such an earthquake is on the one hand a catastrophe, on the other hand it is quite an exciting affair for seismologists and geophysicists. If you want to know where it's really rattling on earth, you need the "Tremor Tracker" app - it normally costs just under 4 euros, but is currently free for a short time.

Geophysicists and those who want to become geophysicists have to act now, because the "Tremor Tracker" app is currently available free of charge in Apple's App Store for iPhone, iPad and M1-Macs. Normally, 3.99 euros have to be put on the table for this.

Almost 4 euros saved: Free earthquake tracker for iPhone, iPad and M1-Macs

What does the app do? Shows the exact positions of the last earthquakes on a globe. But there are other features, as you can see from the official product description:

"Tremor Tracker displays recent earthquake points on an interactive globe. Each earthquake can be tapped to view relevant data such as magnitude, location, time and tsunami warnings.

A range (last earthquake, last hour, last day, last week or last month) can be selected to show earthquakes within that time frame.

Earthquake data is provided by the United States Geological Survey, Earthquakes Canada, Geoscience Australia, Geological Survey of Israel and the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre."

In short: Exactly the right app for friends of the disaster or for geography fans. But is the app any good at all, what do previous users say?

Before downloading, please check the price again, as it is not known how long the promotion will last:

How good is the Tremor Tracker?

There are no ratings in the German App Store, but there are in the US Store. There "Tremor Tracker" achieved very good values ​​- 4.8 out of 5 possible stars with a total of 56 ratings. Let's take a voice out as representative (translated):

Great app for quickly tracking tremors and shaking around the world!
The colour-coded map pins showing the locations of the quakes are easy to use and distinguish when looking around the globe. Zooming in and out works great. Finding large quakes is easy thanks to color coding. It is easy to identify areas of recent seismic activity. The app loads quickly and the developer responds to bug reports! Thanks! Great app!

The app requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or later, M1-Macs (from macOS 11) can also use the earthquake tracker. Users need a little more than 150 MB of storage space. Real seismologists should be able to find it. Very important: Before downloading, please check the price again, because we don't know how long the app will be free of charge.


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