Cool cell phone with ice: Chinese manufacturer has a crazy idea

Cool cell phone with ice: Chinese manufacturer has a crazy idea

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has presented a very special case for smartphones. The "Ice Skin" should noticeably reduce the operating temperature of the mobile phone without making the device significantly thicker. The idea is so crazy it might actually work.

Oppo: With "Ice Skin" against heat problems

For its new Oppo Find X5 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer has just presented a case that can lower the operating temperature of the flagship. According to Oppo, the case called "Ice Skin" can ensure that the temperature drops by 2 - 3 °C . A special material produced by Wuhan University is also used.

The material is not classic ice - because that would of course have melted too quickly if the outside temperature was warm. Instead, a special hydrogel layer was chosen. Normal hydrogels absorb moisture from the air and then release it again through evaporation. However, in order to provide long-term cooling, the researchers developed "Glacier Mat". This is a modified hydrogel that repeatedly absorbs moisture from the air at lower temperatures, creating a cooling circuit.

It remains to be seen whether the special case of the Oppo Find X5 Pro with a ceramic back is even necessary. Even without an "ice skin", the smartphone already has a sophisticated internal cooling system so that it doesn't overheat when gaming. With the case, the cell phone should not be noticeably thicker, Oppo promises (source: GSMArena).

Here's how the Oppo Find X5 Pro is made from ceramic:

Oppo: First ice cases already delivered

Some users in China are already reporting that they received the Ice Case with their Oppo Find X5 Pro . Oppo has not yet revealed whether the "Ice Skin" with hydrogel layer will also be made available globally. No information is available on the price either.


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