Cheap iPhone: Apple ups the ante

Cheap iPhone: Apple ups the ante

Little by little, the whole truth about the new iPhone SE 3, Apple's cheap iPhone, if you will, is coming to light. Now it is known that the manufacturer has installed a larger battery, among other things. Apple puts a shovel on it and the customers can be happy.

The disassembly (called teardown) of the iPhone SE 3 reveals further secrets or confirms previously made assumptions. Now we know: Apple installed a larger battery. The power storage grows from the original 1,821 mAh in the second-generation iPhone SE to 2,018 mAh in the iPhone SE 3 - an increase of 197 mAh, just over 10 percent (source: PBKreviews).

Apple goes a step further: iPhone SE 3 has a larger battery

Together with other components such as the A15 chip, Apple is getting longer runtimes for the iPhone SE with the larger battery. Officially, the manufacturer has already announced a gain of 2 hours more video game time. While the predecessor lasted a maximum of 13 hours here, the third-generation iPhone SE now manages 15 hours. It's something to be proud of, at least it achieves the level of the iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone 13 mini is even better, because the current tiny one lasts two hours longer.

A classic relaunched by Apple – the iPhone SE 3:

The exact model drawing for the 5G modem was also found during disassembly. Apple uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon X57. But it doesn't officially exist on the supplier's website, so it could be a model specially made for Apple. Compared to the iPhone 13, however, customers have to do without the support of mmWave technology. However, the latter is only available for the US models of the iPhone 13, in this country there is no explicit disadvantage.

A little tip for iPhone users:

Higher prices for the cheap model

Larger battery, fast 5G modem and, last but not least, more RAM (4 GB instead of 3 GB)... even if the iPhone SE 3 is externally unchanged from the previous model, Apple has put a good deal on the inside. Unfortunately, so is the price. Previously, at least 479 euros was officially required, but now it is already 519 euros – still with 64 GB. The dealers are also currently offering only a small price reduction (see the iPhone SE 3 in the price comparison at Idealo).


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