Apple Watch 8: is the time right for this brilliant idea?

Apple Watch 8: is the time right for this brilliant idea?

The notch (display notch) was previously Apple's trademark of the iPhone and can now also be found in the MacBook Pro, since autumn last year it has been like this. But what if the upcoming Apple Watch 8 copies the design feature and front camera in a few months? We can already marvel at what such a smartwatch design worth considering looks like.

We've long since gotten used to the notch on the iPhone, and now we have to do it on the MacBook Pro too. So far, the iPad and Apple Watch have been spared. Assuming Apple would want to integrate a front camera in the upcoming Apple Watch 8, would the notch also be an option for the smartwatch?

Apple Watch 8 with camera and notch as a concept

Parker Ortolani could imagine this very well and quickly sketches an Apple Watch with a front camera and notch (source: 9to5Mac). The marketing strategist and product designer came up with the idea when he took a look at Facebook's ominous smartwatch. They appeared in documents some time ago and show the smart companion with a display notch in the lower area of ​​the screen (source: Bloomberg via 9to5Mac).

Ortolani grabs the notch or the camera and packs it discreetly in the upper area of ​​the display on the Apple Watch. Although it is clearly visible there, it is not intrusive. Unlike the iPhone and Mac , this is more of a dot, not a bar . An obvious solution for the designer, he writes:

"If Apple were to put a notch in the watch, it would certainly be a lot smaller than the notches in other devices. It would probably only house a small camera. Now that the Apple Watch Series 7 display has been pushed to the edge, a cutout is really the only way Apple can integrate a camera into the device."

FaceTime and more apps fit Apple's smartwatch

If the Apple Watch ever got a camera, then the way would finally be free for FaceTime and selfie shots . The smartwatch would then simply have miniature versions of the corresponding iPhone counterparts. For this, Ortolani developed a simple user interface with three buttons each, suitable for FaceTime calls and the camera app.

The current Apple Watch Series 7 ( here in the video ) does not require a notch:

At the moment it is actually just an idea, reports or rumors in this direction have not yet appeared. Nevertheless: This draft does not go too far, instead it shows a possible future that Apple could consider sooner or later. Only the Apple Watch 8 should probably not be expected directly from the feature.


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