Apple TV instead of Apple TV: The big hour has come

Apple TV instead of Apple TV: The big hour has come

Apple's own television has been haunting the rumor mill for years, but recently the manufacturer's interest in it seems to be waning, the chances are dwindling. Instead, there is only the Apple TV streaming box. Now would be exactly the right time for Apple to bring a TV. I explain the reasons for this in the current issue of my weekend column.

Since the announcement of the Apple TV (which was initially called iTV) in September 2006, the desire to have your own TV from Apple has been coming up again and again. Why should iPhone manufacturers and customers be satisfied with just one set-top box, when they should have the whole package – including a large screen.

The Apple TV: My 3 good reasons

But nothing has come of it to this day, we get real televisions from Samsung, LG and Co., but not from Apple. I had given up hope for that a long time ago. But now I'm convinced that the time for the Apple TV is finally ripe. But why and how could Apple stir up such a large market?

The reasons for an Apple TV:

1. It would sell, even at a premium price. Apple's customers are picky and, when in doubt, usually opt for a product with the bitten apple. Why should this be any different with a TV? Even if it were more expensive than comparable goods from the competition, sales would probably be safe. You can currently see the new Studio Display – more expensive than any other monitor, but the demand clearly exceeds the current supply. Anyone who buys today will have to wait until mid-June, any questions?

2. It is a corollary. Every manufacturer, including Apple, strives to expand its range in order to address new groups of buyers and open up new sales markets. Although the TV market is highly competitive and largely in South Korean hands, who, if not Apple, could stink against it successfully. So it would only be logical if Apple saw new opportunities here and strived to expand its own portfolio.

3. Little risk, big opportunities. In contrast to other, future business areas of Apple (AR/VR, electromobility), the risks of failure are very manageable. Actually, the Apple TV would be a safe bet. For a clear-thinking, very business-oriented CEO like Tim Cook, it was basically a godsend. You can take the success with you, why not?

What makes the Apple TV unique?

The only question is how an Apple television must be structured so that it differs from the rest of the market offer. What would be the unique selling point, the so-called USP = unique selling point? I've thought about that too. The following characteristics would be decisive:

The design: Apple's design has always been an important reason to buy. This would be no different with an Apple TV. Of course, Apple could make it easy for itself. Simply take the design of the studio display together with the webcam and enlarge it, i.e. a beautiful metal frame with a stand or wall mounting in, for example, 55, 65 and 75 inches - done.

Could be a role model for Apple, the Sky Glass:

The function: An Apple TV would probably not just be an Apple TV in a display, because the combination of both creates the added value. However, Apple would have to do away with old habits – cable, satellite, DVB-T? If you don't need everything, a sufficiently fast internet connection is sufficient. The Sky Glass shows how it's done, the first television from the pay TV provider already does without the classic connections. In many cases, the TV program is only distributed based on IP anyway (Telekom Magenta TV, for example), why shouldn't Apple be able to do this too? Sales: In addition to traditional sales, Internet providers (Telekom, Vodafone, etc.) could also offer subsidized Apple televisions with contracts. The trick used to work on the iPhone too, so why not on a television too? The entry hurdle for customers would drop, whether the monthly, cheaper rate or rent, and the margins at Apple and the providers would still reach new heights.

My thoughts for the weekend: The column wants to provide food for thought and reflect on the "news flood" of the week towards the end. A small selection of previous articles in the column:

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The bottom line: An Apple TV is more than just a wish, it's a great opportunity. Apple could achieve respectable success in the TV market in a relatively simple manner. Market leadership is out of the question, it's enough to make an impression. The Mac is also far from dominating the PC market, but it is still an integral part of it. Apple could use that as a guide.


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