Apple s new laptop: MacBook Air shouldn t be called that

Apple s new laptop: MacBook Air shouldn t be called that

The MacBook Air is Apple's most successful laptop and another version with a 15-inch display could soon appear. But will this computer still be called "Air"? A well-known insider has justified doubts.

Update from March 25, 2022: The renowned Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo has now also confirmed work on a new laptop with a 15-inch display. Contrary to Ross Young's predictions, however, he believes he knows that such a computer will not belong to the MacBook Air family. Apple's new mobile computer should therefore have a different name (source: Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter). Maybe the manufacturer just omits the "Air" and we get a "normal" MacBook again?

However, the relationship to the Air cannot be denied, because according to Kuo, the new laptop should be able to use the Air's 30-watt power supply and therefore require relatively little power. Mass production is also scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.

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MacBook Air with a 15-inch display: Apple's plans for 2023

Right from the start, the MacBook Air was available with a 13-inch display. In the meantime, a smaller version with an 11-inch screen was added between 2010 and 2016, but there has never been a larger model. If you want a laptop larger than 13 inches from Apple, you have always had to go for the much more expensive MacBook Pro. The dream of a MacBook Air with a large display remains unfulfilled to this day.

Unchanged since 2020: The current MacBook Air with M1 chip and 13-inch display:

However, this could change as early as next year. According to a recent report, Apple is working on a redesigned MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen. This model is to be presented alongside an equally slightly larger 13-inch model in 2023 (source: Display Supply Chain Consultants via MacRumors). When exactly? This is not known yet. However, there should be some truth to the report and rumour, after all Ross Young is hiding behind the source - display expert and Apple insider, who has often been spot on with his predictions in the past.

Pitfall 13 inch model

Still, we have to wonder. The actual and complete redesign of the MacBook Air is still due for this year. But nothing changes in the display size. Would Apple then revise this model again next year and bring it with a slightly larger 13-inch display? The 15-inch model sounds plausible, but two new 13-inch versions in such a short space of time? Unusual, but not entirely impossible.

This is how the redesign could and should be this year:

By the way: The idea of ​​a MacBook Air with a 15-inch display isn't all that new. Apple was already considering this in 2008, as evidenced by documents in the court case between Apple and Epic Games. But that didn't happen, maybe the dream will come true 15 years later.


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