Android 12L: More devices from Samsung, Microsoft and Lenovo will get it this year

Android 12L

Android 12L has been official since yesterday evening. That went faster than expected. It starts with the Pixel devices, for which the final version of Android 12L has been distributed since yesterday evening. Other devices from other manufacturers should also get the update this year.

Android 12L is an update to Android 12 with features that make using tablets and foldable devices easier and more convenient. The larger the screen, the more space there is for relevant information. With Android 12L, Google is optimizing the display of the home screen, lock screen, notification bar, setup screens, settings and more to look even better on tablets and foldable screens.

Later this year, Android 12L will come to Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft on their tablets and foldable devices. And with Android 13, there will be more features and functionality to make the most of devices with larger screens.

The first devices with Android 12L are likely to include the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series as well as the foldable smartphones from Samsung & Co.


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