5 euros saved: special weather app for iPhone and iPad now free of charge

5 euros saved: special weather app for iPhone and iPad now free of charge

What should be so special about a weather app? Well, the "Real Weather App" for iPhone and iPad does the unthinkable with a rather unusual basic concept. Normally it costs just under 5 euros, but it is currently available free of charge for a short time only.

5 euros saved: Probably the simplest weather app for iPhone and iPad

Countless weather apps also offer countless options and features, and anyone who wants to will be overwhelmed by the information overload of today's weather apps. Not so with the "Real Weather App" - currently free of charge instead of 4.99 euros. This app for iPhone and iPad takes exactly the opposite approach and is as simple as it gets .

It starts with the design, which is based on a kind of children's handwriting and equivalent drawings. And then there is the variety of functions, which actually only concentrates on a single point, quote:

"The app shows the weather for the right here and now. Tomorrow's forecast may be uncertain - we only show today's weather forecast. This way you have realistic expectations and are not disappointed by inaccurate predictions. No information overload - just the current weather conditions."

The only other feature: If you tap on the temperature display with your finger, you switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit , there's almost nothing more to say about the app.

What do previous users say about the app?

But does this unusual concept even reach the users, what do they say about the "Real Weather App"? With a current rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars in Apple's App Store, they are impressed and satisfied.

Here is an example of a single opinion:

So much for that!
This is so incredibly great! Such a beautiful and simple weather application. If you love kids art (and you should) you will love this application.

In short: you can try it out for currently 0 euros - thumbs up. Anyone who would like to use the "Real Weather App" now needs an iPhone or iPad with iOS 12.1 - so older devices are also suitable. 10 MB is sufficient for memory. M1 Macs can also run the app. Important and please don't forget: Check the price again before downloading, because unfortunately we don't know how long the app will be free of charge.


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