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vivo X Fold 2 Confirmed to Debut this April with More Specs Details

The upcoming latest foldable smartphone, the vivo X Fold 2, is confirmed to launch at the 2023 Boao Forum this April. Huang Tao, VP of the vivo smartphone company, officially establishes it. He revealed that the new foldable phone is the highlight of the 2023 Boao Forum. Before the April launch, there are expected leaks … The post vivo X Fold 2 Confirmed to Debut this April with More Specs Details appeared first on XiaomiToday .

11 WhatsApp types that really get on your nerves

11 WhatsApp types that really get on your nerves

WhatsApp is and remains one of the most popular messengers. Of course, there are also typical users who really know everyone at WhatsApp – and who unfortunately are often really annoying with their typical idiosyncrasies. Do you recognize anyone on our list?

We all know someone who has some very special quirks when it comes to WhatsApp. We have put together a few of the most common and notorious WhatsApp types for you here. Maybe you recognize one or the other or even yourself?

I don't type anything that fits into a voice message

Voice messages are the new Whatsapp. If you don't feel like typing at the moment, just hold your finger on it and talk freely from the liver. It's also a lot easier and quicker, plus it has that personal touch of hearing the other person's voice - almost like you're... yeah, almost exactly like talking on the phone. If you can try again, it's always better than having to listen to minute-long voice messages from the mailbox like in the old days.

colleague chain letter

How many times have you lost money, been fired, or died because you didn't forward your friend's chain letter? We must all be medical miracles. At worst, there is still malware behind such actions, at best it's just annoying. An appeal to everyone who gets involved: please stop it. Incidentally, this also applies to a large part of the signature campaigns.

Do you already know Ted?

Freely borrowing from How I Met Your Mother, we call the " forwarder " as "Have you met Ted yet?". Most contact lists will find someone who rarely sends you anything other than "Have you heard of...?" followed by the latest meme (yes, of course you've seen that yourself), a funny video (yes, you uses YouTube, Instagram and TikTok himself) or similar finds. It's kind of nice when someone thinks of you, but it's allowed to stay within limits, right?

Mr Videocall

Aren't many of us in enough online meetings while working remotely? Does it really always have to be the video call? Sometimes you just want to lie comfortably in bed in your pajamas without being watched.

The Emoji Junkie

What do 10 laughing, crying, facepalming or other emojis say that a single one cannot? Exactly, that the emoji junkie has once again knocked out one. I sometimes wonder how much time was put into the selection: does this or that emoji say more about my emotional world? Hopefully it didn't take long. On the other hand, it's usually just a colorful bunch that hardly anyone takes a close look at, let's be honest.

Oops, sorry, that wasn't for you

Sure, you can make a typo and you end up in the wrong chat. Hopefully it was just a message that the wrong person could not relate to, and not another private photo. But it gets interesting when it happens all the time. Is that still a mistake or is someone testing how messages come across?

Tired of WhatsApp? In the video you will find an overview of some alternatives:

The fellow reader

Group chats are a world of their own anyway. But it feels like every WhatsApp group has one member who belongs in it but never comments on anything. Whether there's a party to plan or just a chat with friends, not attending at all makes you look like the bad secret agent behind his newspaper with the punched-out peepholes.

No connection under this number

Yes, WhatsApp is what is known as an instant messenger . So, in theory, anyone could reply to a message instantly, but it doesn't always have to be. If you need an immediate answer, it's better to call. Just as unnecessary: ​​Just don't answer at all and then write weeks later: Hey, sorry, I didn't see it at all. Virtually all of us spend enough time on our smartphones to be able to tell when someone is typing.

The Morse Spammer

Who ... writes ... because ... please ... like this ... ? Lots of dots to give your own thoughts space or even better: send only one word per message so that the smartphone on the other side vibrates until it jumps off the table. Doesn't... have to... be... right?

status symbol status

The status can be a very nice feature, but: Do you really have to update it every hour? The legends claim that there are also people who go through life without a WhatsApp status.

Show me your autocorrect and I'll tell you who you are

Please, please, please just read about the messages you send out. Nowadays everyone is used to strange news, in which sometimes a word doesn't make sense. But people you're not very close with really don't need to know how you "trained" your autocorrect. Some of the suggestions there correspond to your writing and search behavior and some are welcome to remain private.


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Xiaomi smartphones have a function where we find automatic Wallpapers . This is what is known as a wallpaper carousel . An option that, although for some it is attractive, for others of us it can be annoying . If you want to know how to deactivate or activate it, in this tutorial we will tell you. Does the latest Miui update change only your wallpaper? The reality is that the wallpaper carousel would be something attractive if Xiaomi did not impose it on Miui; Or, if at least it added an option to deactivate it in an easy way. However, this is not so. In the event that you have already activated the wallpaper carousel on your Xiaomi smartphone, you have the option to deactivate the automatic change of Wallpaper by removing the user's consent. To do this, you must do the following. How to disable the carousel on Xiaomi Enter your phone's settings and go to " Always-on screen and lock screen ." Click on the option that says " Wallpaper carousel &quo

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Among all the functionalities that we can find in MIUI, today we want to talk about the double tap on the screen . This functionality allows us after activation to wake up the screen of our Xiaomi with a double click on it. This will avoid having to press the power button or having to position our finger on the fingerprint recognition area. An extremely useful utility, which can also be used in case the power button stops working. In this way, the functionality " Double tap on the screen to wake up " will allow us to turn on or off the screen of our mobile in a quick and simple way by just doing a double tap on your XIaomi.i How to activate the double tap to wake up the screen of a Xiaomi mobile To activate the double tap functionality on the screen of your Xiaomi we only have to make the following settings: Go to Settings> Lock screen Activate Double tap on screen to wake up After its activation we will only have to double-click on the off screen of our X