Xiaomi 12 Ultra existence confirmed in Xiaomi’s IMEI database

Xiaomi 12 ultra case

The Xiaomi 12 series was introduced in its home market of China at the end of last year. And the global launch of the much-anticipated range will be very soon, in late February or early March. However, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is not Xiaomi's high-end flagship phone in 2022.

Xiaomi reserves this title for its Xiaomi 12 Ultra, in which Xiaomi puts its best technology in the "Ultra" Xiaomi smartphone. And new information has confirmed the existence of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra device, as well as its model number.

The news comes from Xiaomiui. You recently discovered the Xiaomi 12 Ultra in Xiaomi's IMEI database, with the model number Xiaomi 2206122SC and the internal reference name Xiaomi L2S. For comparison: the model number L2 belonged to the Xiaomi 12 Pro. From this it can be deduced that the Xiaomi L2S belongs to the Xiaomi 12 series. But why does the name suggest that it will be a Xiaomi 12 Ultra? Why not a Xiaomi 12 Lite or Xiaomi 12 SE?

The reason is that in 2020 the model number Xiaomi J1 (M2001J1C) belonged to the Mi 10 Pro. The model number of the Xiaomi J1S (M2007J1SC), which came out 6 months after the Mi 10 Pro, belonged to the Mi 10 Ultra. So if Xiaomi follows its internal codename scheme, the market name of the device with model number L2S should be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

Although the Xiaomi 12 Ultra was included in Xiaomi's IMEI database, no specifications such as the processor, storage configurations or camera setup were included in the listing. However, we can assume that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will share most of the specs with its sibling, the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

As for the release date, the model number "2206122SC" starts with 2206, which corresponds to June 2022. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is expected to be released in July 2022.


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