Top 10: These are the currently most popular tablets in Germany

Top 10: These are the currently most popular tablets in Germany

Tablets have become increasingly important in recent months. But which tablet is currently the most popular in Germany? Is it the iPads from Apple or can Samsung finally prevail? And what about Xiaomi, new to the tablet market? That's exactly what we're finding out now.

Top 10: These tablets are the most popular in Germany

In times of the pandemic, working from home and homeschooling suddenly became standard in many areas and Germany was forced into digitization for which the country was not prepared. Tablets played an important role in this and are now not only a device for consuming content and using it for entertainment, but also for productive work and learning. But which tablets are currently the most popular? That's exactly what we're going to tell you now.

Note: The following top 10 order is based on the Idealo price comparison and is subject to change.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has been on the market for a while and is the cheaper version of the top tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6. It ranks tenth as it is sold more and more often in promotions at low prices. Despite the relatively low price, a pen is included so that you can write and draw well with it. If you then get a keyboard cover, you have a 2-in-1 device.

With the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus , a large 12.4-inch tablet from Samsung comes in ninth place. Until the launch of the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, it was the spearhead at Samsung. It offers a high-resolution AMOLED display, supports the pen and has high performance. But the price was always relatively high. Now that the new generation is on the market, the price should drop and the tablet will become more interesting.

The iPad Pro (2021) with an 11-inch display is considered one of the best tablets on the market. Thanks to the M1 chip, it achieves a level of performance that sometimes not even high-end notebooks can match. There is also the most modern iPad design, great accessories and a wealth of software that not only comes from Apple, but also from many developers.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE came as a bit of a surprise because it's a large Android tablet with a premium body but sold at a very attractive price. There is still enough power available and you get the pen right away. So it's not surprising that the Samsung tablet is in seventh place.

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) is currently even more popular than the 11-inch model. Although the price is significantly higher, you also get a lot more workspace with the 12.9-inch display. In terms of functions and performance, both models do not take much.

With the Xiaomi Pad 5 , the Chinese company has returned to the tablet market and has landed a real success. The Android tablet also performed well in my test. It is affordable, offers a great display and you get well thought-out software.

With the Surface Pro 8 , Microsoft has achieved a real success. After years, the decision has finally been made to revise the design, a great display has been installed and the performance is also right. Combined with a pen and the keyboard, the Surface Pro 8 is the best Windows tablet ever. More on that in my review.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is the latest affordable tablet from the South Korean manufacturer. Like its predecessors, it quickly conquered the market and is currently the most popular Android tablet on the market. This should also be due to the low price.

The iPad Air (2020) has been given a completely new design, making it more in the direction of the iPad Pro. It sits between the normal iPad and iPad Pro and is particularly popular because this model meets many of the requirements of a really good tablet. That's enough for second place.

The Apple iPad (2021) is the absolute classic. You get the normal design that you've been used to from Apple for years. This also includes Touch ID and the slightly larger 10.2-inch display. Optionally, you can buy a pen and thus implement handwritten entries.

Note: Of course, this is only a snapshot. Places can change on a daily basis, especially when individual tablets are sold at exceptionally low prices. (as of February 23, 2022)


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